You knew it was coming…

My first blog entry.

Colorado Rockies.

Some of you may be amazed that it has taken me this long to start a blog. I am a woman with many opinions and what a great place to share them with the world. I cannot disclose the location of the photo above, but I did take the photo.   It’s our “secret” camping spot (somewhere in the Rocky Mountain region).

I am going to use this blog to stay in touch with the world (friends and family), and eventually, I want to mold it into a review blog. I have been writing book reviews for a local paper for almost a year and through this process have discovered that I enjoy reviewing books and want to include other reviews, such as restaurants, movies and more.

I haven’t quite figured out how this blog site works, so bear with me, I do intend to get it all worked out.

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday. It’s a glorious fall day here in Colorado and my birds are busy raiding the bird feeder – I put it up one week ago and I’ve already had to fill it four times.   Finches are pigs.

Three female finches perched on my front yard bird feeder
Three female finches perched on my front yard bird feeder

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  1. It’s great to see you out there. I’m looking forward to future comments on variety of issues. Your pictures are beautiful … if I didn’t already live here I think I would move!! Can’t wait for movie reviews.


  2. Hello, Hello from foggy, soggy Oregon.

    I love your piggy finches! I put up a thistle sock that a friend gave me. She said the birds love it; well the birds have completely ignored it. I’ve moved it to three different areas…still no takers. I’m open to any suggestions where to put it. Maybe I have it to close to the house?? It’s about five feet away from the house right now.

    So are you going to have any political comments here? The next time we vote here in Oregon (next month) I want to be very educated about the new measures they are trying to get passed! Our wonderful leaders here in Salem are trying to get a cigarette tax as a new constitutional amendment.

    The Democrat-controlled Legislature placed the tax on the Nov. 6 ballot as a constitutional amendment because it couldn’t attract enough Republican votes to enact the tax outright, or even refer it to voters as a change in existing law.

    In my opinion this is more Democrats trying to control our every move!! Cigarettes this time, yes it’s a horrible habit. (So is over-eating) But what next??? Coffee…you know it’s a bad habit also. Sometimes it even kills people…

    Like I said I will definitely be doing some more studying into this and the other measures…. Carm


  3. Heidi,
    Great Blog!
    I know where your secret picture was taken!
    Nice article on the police budget. I don’t even live in Loveland and Im mad about it.


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