Winter is here!

Snowshoeing near Fairplay,  ColoradoSnowshoeing in Colorado.

Photo taken in 2006 near Fairplay, Colorado.

I know it’s not officially winter, but it sure looks like it outside my window.   Earlier today, we took Xena and walked over to the coffee shop.   It’s a winter wonderland and it’s cold!   The  sun is not shining and it looks like it might dump more snow on us at any time.   I say, LET IT SNOW!   I’m ready to strap on the snowshoes and go on a hike!

I’ve gotten two new movie reviews posted, American Gangster and Enchanted.   These two movies couldn’t be more different!   I still have a couple more to work on and I’ll try to get them posted  before the weekend’s over.

If you’ve seen any of the movies I’ve reviewed, I’d love to hear your opinions.   Feel free to post your comments.

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