Is it really 2008?

I have been negligent and that is exactly what they warn against in blogging.  

Quite frankly, I’m considering breaking this blog into three different blogs – a movie review site, restaurant review site and book review site.  

This whole blogging world is so intriguing for me as a writer and as a girl with a whole lot of opinions, but I also have 2 other jobs (3 technically) and so I really need to figure out how to make blogging generate some $$, otherwise I’m just not inspired to keep it up!

So for those of you who keep checking in, I do apologize about my negligence.   I have been busy reading, eating out and seeing movies, but haven’t given my two cents about any of it.

For the record, I think Atonement is WAY OVERRATED and I’m going to be super annoyed when it walks away with a dozen Oscars.

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