February 16, 2008

Heidi Town stays Politically Neutral (most of the time)

I was asked today if I planned on venturing into Politics on Heidi Town.   As some of you know, my educational background is in politics and philosophy. Occasionally I may  reveal some  of my political leanings here (I can’t help it),  but for the most part I’m striving to keep Heidi Town a happy and relatively politics-free zone.     If you’d like to talk politics, take me out

New Movie Review Posted: The Diving Bell & the Butterfly

An odd French film about the life of Elle Magazine  editor Jean-Dominique Bauby after a stroke leaves his entire body paralyzed. This movie has been nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Director. Read my review under Movie Reviews or click here: The Diving Bell & the Butterfly I have also added a NOTE to my review of There will be Blood, so check it out.

HeidiTown's favorite non-fiction authors

Jon Krakauer is best known for Into Thin Air,  the story of the fateful 1996 season on Everest and Into the Wild (see my review of the major motion picture adapted from this book under Movie Reviews). Krakauer has written several other books, mostly concerning outdoor topics, however, one of his best books diverts from his usual subject matter. Under the Banner of Heaven: a Story of Violent Faith, is