March 25, 2008

Book Review: Enslaved by Ducks

  by, Bob Tarte From talking starlings to terrorizing turkeys, Tarte’s book demonstrates how our pets play an extraordinarily wonderful part in our lives. Our pets have amazing power over us; they also have an intimate and essential place, as writer Bob Tarte discovers in his book “Enslaved by Ducks.” It started with an innocent move the Michigan countryside. Tarte and wife Linda were looking for a peaceful life away

Shutter - a frightful mess of a movie

This movie gets the illustrious position as the worst movie I’ve reviewed thus far on Heidi Town.   My friends who convinced me to see it have lost all rights to pick out the  movies we see together.   Sorry Amy & Brandon!   🙂   Find out why the  movie Shutter  is such  a mess here.