Shutter – a frightful mess of a movie

This movie gets the illustrious position as the worst movie I’ve reviewed thus far on Heidi Town.   My friends who convinced me to see it have lost all rights to pick out the  movies we see together.   Sorry Amy & Brandon!   🙂  

Find out why the  movie Shutter  is such  a mess here.


  1. I do not agree, I enjoyed the movie, of course I am a huge Joshua Jackson fan. I think your being harsh. Scenes had me on the edge not knowing what was going to happen next, and the ending was very good. Makes you think before you do someone wrong, you never know what they will eventually put you through, you could pay for it for the rest of your life!!


  2. I thought it was a boring, god awful waste of film til the whole chicken fighting ghost thing. It sucked but Ive been laughing ever since.


  3. The ending was very good? Really? I have a chicken fighting ghost cuz I filmed my friends doing something wrong so I’ll jam a lighbulb in my face and be all stooped over? Thats a good ending? And I bet you find Meet The Spartans and Superhero Movie hilarious.


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