1. Hey Heidi!
    My name is also Heidi. I own a Whte German Shepherd. I totally agree. They are by far the smartest dogs ever!!! My dog is 2 years old and I rescued her from the pound!

    🙂 Wanted to say Hi

    Snowy has severe separation anxiety. Can you advise?

    Nice to meet another Heidi with German Shepherd!

    Keep in touch!

    OMG I think we even look alike


    Heidi 2 ( seriously!)


  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Heidi 2. 🙂

    I think a lot of rescue dogs have separation anxiety. A really good resource for German Shepherd owner is: http://www.germanshepherds.com. There is a lot of useful information and nice people on that forum. Someone may be able to give you some good tips. Other than that, my only advise would be to have a trainer/behavioralist come and observe Snowy at your home. I’m sure they would have some advice on how to deal with this problem.

    Look alike? Too funny – another redheaded Heidi – Watch out World!!


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