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  1. I found out today that “Grounds & Rounds” is no longer in business. I am really upset because I was a big fan of “Grounds & Rounds” and really like Jen and Sean. I patronized their store for several years but not recently due to my retirement, moving from a closer location, and personal medical complications.

    I know them well enough to know their 2 children are Barette (about 9, bright and very good in math) and Dillon who is now about 6. Both are blond and adorable.

    We are very sad about the demise of their business and would really like to contact them. We know they live in North Loveland “behind” the Walgreens on 37th & Garfield but can’t remember their surname.

    HeidiTown (I assume you are Heidi?), can you provide their last name?

    If that is not a possibility, would you be able to contact them and tell them Becky and Marcy would like to visit with them. We would be very grateful.

    Here is contact info for us:

    Thank you so very much!



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