Robin Hood on the BBC

Sometimes my inner geek shines through.    The truth is, I  quietly  enjoy Superhero movies, renaissance festivals, sci-fi and the occasional video game.   Recently I found a show that appeals to my hidden  inner geek.  The show is  “Robin Hood” on the BBC America.   It is a delightful  series  starring a cast of  amusing characters.  

Robin Hood is played by British actor Jonas Armstrong. He is fun to watch as the cocky, brilliant and brave theft of Sherwood Forest. His band of merry men, includes a woman named Djaq. A Saracen skilled in medicine, Djaq is a friend of Robin’s from his time fighting in the Holy Lands. The rest of the gang include the usual suspects.

Maid Marian is very pretty and smart and she is always  able to take care of herself.  A good role model for little girls and big girls alike. The Sheriff and his side kick Sir Guy Gisborne,  are  two of the most entertaining bad guys on television.

The show is engaging through the use of wit and  good writing.   Filmed in Budapest,  the scenery is  luscious and green  – the way we can assume England was before all the trees were cut down.  Overall the show  is a little  reminicent of “Xena Princess Warrior,” without all the  magic and use of  special effects.  

I highly recommend  “Robin Hood” especially to any of you  who may have a hidden inner geek.


  1. Actually, Djaq joined the gang in Episode 5 of the first series. She and some other Saracens had been imported by the sheriff to work in his mine as slave labor. Robin and his men worked out a scheme to set Djaq and the others free and destroy the sheriff’s mine. Djaq had been posing as a man, but by the end of the episode, she’d joined the gang – as a woman. You should watch Series 1 if you haven’t; many die-hard fans actually consider it superior to the current one showing (S2).


  2. Thanks for the recommendation!! We will have to Netflix the first season. We just found the show this year and really enjoy it. Thanks again ~ Heidi


  3. I have tried to watch this series a few times and call me an old sentimental fool, but I really prefer the previous Robin Hood TV show with Sean Connery’s kid in it. Just the right amount of mysticism and action I thought. Course, having not seen them since I was a kid, my view might be different today. In any case, I just cannot get into this new series. Might have to give it another go with the series being available on iTunes now.


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