Time Magazine "100 All-time Novels"

I recently found this list while working on my review of the movie version of  “Brideshead Revisited.”


It’s an interesting list.   Now I have a few books to add to my every growing “must read list.”   Unfortunately, my favorite book, “The Age of Innocence,” did not make the list so I am forced  to question the literary qualifications  of the  list makers!

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  1. Just checked out the list and it seems pretty valid, though I’m certain there are a few books on there that are listed only because people think they’re supposed to list them, not based on any actual literary merit or personal appreciation.

    Entertainment Weekly recently put up their top 100 books of the last 25 years, which, though far too down the list, included one of my all-time favorites, Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.


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