August 2008

Back-to-School Commercial Mimics the Classic Movie "The Breakfast Club"

–While watching television last night  I was startled and displeased with a new back-to-school clothing commercial.   I will not  disclose the advertiser, because I’m not going to give them any props for this blatant commercialization of a great, classic movie. The advertisement features students dancing around an exact replica of  the library in “The Breakfast Club,”  and mimicking  various scenes in the movie.  All the  while a cover of

Book Review: Burning Bright

 by Tracy Chevalier Seldom do I await an author’s next book with much anticipation; however, for two years I have eagerly awaited Tracy Chevalier’s ninth novel, “Burning Bright.” Chevalier is most famous for writing “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” a novel featuring Dutch painter Vermeer. The book was made into a highly praised movie of the same name, starring Scarlett Johannsen and Colin Firth. Chevalier has the ability to transform