September 2008

Not a Movie ~ but Real Life ~ Horse Cruelty Case Rocks Riding Community

This post  does not keep with the overall theme  at HeidiTown,  but from time to time, I will use this platform  to bring attention to issues such as this.   Animals have always played an important  role in  my life and my  life would not be complete without a pet.  When I hear stories of animal cruelty, my heart breaks and my faith in humankind is shaken. However, sometimes a

A Mysterious Disappearance Explained

I sincerely apologize for being absent from HeidiTown for days.   I have been down and out with the worst cold I’ve had in several years.   I realize it’s just a cold, but the worst is that it came with a cough that’s kept me from sleeping so I’ve been a zombie. But I’m half-way back into the world of the living and have lots to catch up on

"Wipeout" - the perscription to cure a bad mood

 I am not the world’s most upbeat person, but there’s something that always puts a smile on these rather cynical lips – watching people make utter fools of themselves. ABC‘s primetime game show “Wipeout”  has turned into my personal cure for the blues.  While watching  the first season, I thought to myself, “this is going to get boring.” I was wrong.  Watching people make fools of themselves  never  gets boring.

I'm back!

I have been attending a wedding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado… A wonderful time was had by all…      A very wonderful time. Congratulations Ben & Kiki!!! Now I will be getting back to work here at HeidiTown!

Totally Terrific Television is Just Around the Corner!

It’s almost here.   We’ve waited all summer for our favorite programs and our wait is nearly over. There are only a couple shows I’m really excited about.   The first one is “Pushing Up Daisies.”   This clever, outside-the-box show was hit hard by the writers’ strike.   I wasn’t sure it would make it out alive (punny, if you watch the show), but apparently it has.   The

"Mamma Mia!" it's a sing along!

If you’re like me, you wanted to sing along with this movie. The good news – now  we can! Universal Studios has released  a Sing Along Edition of “Mamma Mia!.” Every musical number  has lyrics at the bottom of the screen – karaoke style. To find a theater featuring “Mamma Mia!” Sing Along Edition go HERE. I’ll see you there.