Vice-Presidential debates trump "The Office"

What is our country coming to?   My favorite show on television is being replaced tonight by a debate.   Yes, a DEBATE.  Nerds across America may be applauding, but I’m totally hooked on Thursday night television.

I would much rather spend my evening watching Dwight kiss Michael’s ass than have my ass kissed by two Vice-Presidential candidates. I’d rather have commercials promise me thinner thighs rather than  a Vice-Presidential candidate promise me a list of things he/she cannot and will never deliver.  I’d rather watch the cast of  “Survivor Africa” try to outrun a pack of wild  elephants than a Vice-Presidential candidate tell me how he/she is going to save  us from the elephants (and by elephants, I mean terrorists).  

I want television that makes me laugh, not a Vice-Presidential debate that will probably bring me to tears or rage (it’s usually a toss up).  

Thank god for my TiVo (actually I have a DVR, but TiVo just sounds so much cooler) -hopefully I have an old episode of “The Office” stored  somewhere.  

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  1. I’m incredibly disappointed I won’t get my dose of “The Office” tonight as well. And after last week’s episode?!?! UNFAIR! I’m going to pop my season four DVD in there, hit random and pray for something entertaining to take me away!


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