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An  article by Denver Post  Film Critic, Lisa Kennedy,  caught my eye this morning – read it HERE.

I couldn’t agree more with Kennedy’s discussion about “sprucing up” Denver’s Landmark Theaters. While at the Esquire, for “Man on Wire,” the roof in our theater began to leak, and  by the end of the movie we had a miniature waterfall in the middle of our theater. The staff’s response was to put towels on the floor.  Let’s just say the  pitter-patter  and eventually sloshing sound of water  distracted from the enjoyment of the movie’s piano soundtrack (not to mention the intriguing plot).

Kennedy also  believes lowering ticket prices would increase attendance.   “Here, here,” I say, though I doubt price reductions are realistic.  Denver’s movie prices are getting ridiculous. The last time I saw a matinee in Denver I paid the same as what a full-price movie costs here in Northern Colorado. Would lowering the prices increase attendance? Perhaps, but with Netflix in our mailbox and movie rentals at McDonalds, the theaters have more competition than ever before.

Lastly, the article states, “Denver ranks third in the U.S. for moviegoers per capita.”   When you consider we have over 300 days of sunshine per year,  I think third is  pretty darn good.  We have a variety of entertainment options in Colorado and many of these options involve taking  advantage of  the fun and healthy  outdoor activities right outside our front doors.  

Thoughts? Comments?          


  1. Interesting article. I think she’s on to part of the solution. The movie going experience has to improve. No leaks, no springs jabbing at you from the rickety seats. More importantly, make going to a movie an event. The new Landmark Theater in Greenwood Village has a worker announce the films before they begin. He/she tells you a little trivia about them. it’s a tiny touch … but it makes the audience feel welcome.

    The other improvements are obvious — ushers cracking down on cell phone talkers, etc.


  2. I emphatically agree with the cell phone crack down. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Last night at “Appaloosa” a cell phone went off. The person had it set to an old fashion sounding ring. It rung and rung until I started thinking it was coming from the movie, but then realized they didn’t have telephones in 1886. Talk about taking me out of the movie!!

    I think improvements would be a good step in the right direction. When I pay $10 for a ticket I do not expect to be rained on inside the theater (and I was) – we had to move because we were right under the leak.


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