"Marley & Me"


Rated PG

Directed by David Frankel

Starring Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston, Alan Arkin, Eric Dane, Haley Bennett

Heidi’s Illustrious Rating: 4

Word of Warning: Dog lovers should bring tissue.


Most people read this book months, if not years ago.   I, however, had barely finished it when the movie adoption arrived in theaters last weekend, so unlike most, the “real” story was fresh in my mind.


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  1. I too absolutely loved this movie. I had not even heard of the book when I went to see the it. I was expecting a cute little doggy movie with lots of sight gags and assorted dog antics. Boy, was I surprised by a wonderful story about life with a dog. I did read however that 22 dogs played the part of Marley in the movie.


  2. Thanks for the comment. You may be right, but an article in the local Denver newspaper said three dogs played the part – one being a local Colorado lab. I shall investigate further!


  3. I have a bone to pick with critics who hated this one … I was dreading this movie at first. I wasn’t a fan of the book even though I loved dogs. But the film is a triumph … for all the reasons you stated. It’s so much more than a ‘dog’ movie. I think some critics went into the movie expecting to hate it and didn’t open their mind wide enough to truly appreciate what it had to offer.

    PS … I interviewed one of the dog trainers who worked on the film. He told me eight adult dogs were used for Marley — and a number of pups (he wasn’t sure how many) stood in for the younger Marley.


  4. Dog hair on all your clothing! The easiest way to relate to a movie like this.


  5. I’m looking forward to seeing this now. My partner saw it and wasn’t prepared for tears, but i think she liked it too. OMG i think i’ll have dog hair in my stuff long after these dogs are gone.


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