Documentary on dolphin slaughter in Japan has ties to Colorado


A new documentary receiving critical acclaim was filmed by Boulder-based photographer Louie Psihoyos. Psihoyos, a twenty-year veteran as a National Geographic photographer, made “The Cove,” with activist and former Flipper trainer, Ric O’Berry.  Because of Psihoyos Boulder  connection, several other members of his team (he calls  them “pirates”) were also from Colorado.

The documentary was much-loved  at  the Sundance Film Festival in  January 2009, where it received the Audience Award.

“The Cove” follows a group of undercover activist as they infiltrate the town of Taiji, Japan. The team must travel covertly because the area has become treacherous for those wishing to shed light on the what has been happening there, and it  was the goal of the team to do exactly that.

What has been happening in Taiji?  The slaughter of 23,000 dolphins each year in a cove near the town.

Many reviewers claim the  documentary has  the sort of suspense worthy of a film such as  “Oceans Eleven.” After all, the team had to operate  entirely undercover during filming in Japan which took place in 2007.

“The Cove” is currently playing at Chez Artiste in Denver, and Century Boulder, in Boulder.

Watch the  trailer:   HERE.

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