You’ve forgotten – you love to bowl!


If you are anything like me, you bowl about once or twice a year.   I recently bowled with my husband on a Friday  evening date night  at Sweetheart Lanes in Loveland.   I  was reminded  – I love to bowl!  

I’m not good at it and my form is probably atrocious.   I don’t think I’ve ever broken a 100.   But there’s something intrinsically fun about bowling.   It’s partly the shoes.   They make the wearer feel like a soft shoe dancer  – sliding around on the polished floor automatically puts me in a happy mood.

It’s partially the atmosphere.   We chose to do  “glow in the dark” bowling (sometimes called Cosmic Bowling).   The lights were dimmed, the lanes lit an eerie blue with disco lights buzzing around us like a 70s dance hall.  

With the jukebox blaring our favorite tunes, and a cold pitcher of beer, it was  a fun, affordable, all-American evening.   We even won two free  games!  

So whether you are planning a date night with your honey or just a night out with friends, don’t count out bowling.

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