Are you ready for some football? HeidiTown’s quest for the perfect sports bar

I enjoy supporting locally owned establishments and often persuade my readers to do the same. There is one particular part of my life where I fall short in this goal and that is during football season.

Most locally owned joints can’t afford  the Sunday Ticket  and like all fantasy football players, my husband and I do not go out on a Sunday to watch the game. We go out to watch the games.

Our two must-haves for a Sunday football watching experience are, 1) Sunday Ticket and 2) good food and drink specials. And, because they provide both we usually end up at the Old Chicago in Loveland at 1436 Hahns Peak Drive. In addition, they have a weekly football pool, called “Beat the Leader.” We usually manage to beat the leader several times a season. Lastly, we like the bartenders at this Old Chicago location.

We’ve tried other places around Northern Colorado, such as Jackson’s in Fort Collins at 925 Harmony. It seems every fantasy football player from Cheyenne to Longmont ends up here on a Sunday. They open early, which is cool because you can order breakfast. However, if you don’t manage to get there early, you will be relegated to a seat requiring you to twist your neck in odd angles in order to see a television.      

Sportscasters at 165 E. Boardwalk in Fort Collins wins the award for most televisions, with over 50. They do have  the Sunday Ticket  and feature small televisions in the booths. The food is very average, but they run satisfactory beer specials. On Sundays, however, football battles NASCAR at this bar.

We like Stonehouse Grill on Mountain Ave. in Fort Collins, but we don’t usually end up there for football. The Stonehouse seems to embrace college football, but not professional. They have nice, big HDTVs, but the Celtic flare of the restaurant seems better suited to soccer. We’ve arrived for an 11 a.m. kick off only to find the front doors still locked. Lastly, at last check, they do not have the Sunday Ticket.

Do you know the perfect sports bar in Northern Colorado? We’d love to find a place serving breakfast at game time. If you’ve got a recommendation, please leave a comment.


  1. Mulligan’s in Fort Collins! Locally owned, lots of TVs (with some right in the booths), bloody mary bar. Can’t remember if they do breakfast during game time? Maybe their website tells you:


  2. That’s a good one Julie! I’ve been there for drinks several times, but I’ve not considered them as a place to watch the game. It looks like they might have the Sunday Ticket. Their website says “NFL super ticket.” Not sure what that means. Not sure on breakfast, but I bet they do!

    Thanks for the recommendation!!


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