Gunther Toody’s serves beer?

Gunther Toody'sThis past week I made an excellent discovery. Gunther Toody’s Diner serves beer. They serve it in a big giant mug called a “tiny.”

If you are unfamiliar with Gunther Toody’s Diner, this is a Colorado chain where servers wear poodle skirts, blow bubbles with their gum, hula-hoop and have names like Sally, Jane, Aphelia and Sprout.

The patrons of Gunther Toody’s are transported back to a time when Elvis was still alive and no one counted carbs or calories. They serve $2.99 breakfast, feature a 5-cent burger Wednesday, and an all-you can eat chicken tenders Tuesday.

I’ve had breakfasts and hamburgers at this joint, and I can honestly say, the food is basic, but satisfying. The guacamole and jalapeno burger, my favorite, actually comes with fresh, not canned, jalapenos. On 5-cent burger Wednesday, we spent $17 plus tip on two hamburgers with fries, plus a big “tiny” beer, and a soda.

You have to be in a mood for this kind of place. The servers are uber-chipper, and the music is too. But if you’ve got kids, this is an ideal place for a reasonably priced dinner, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Or just stop in for a soda fountain style milkshake.  

You will find the newest Gunther Toody’s location just off I25 at Hwy 7 in the new Costco complex.

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