Bye bye summer, hello football, film & survivor

I’m a little sad to see summer on the way out, but there are two great things about fall. Well, three actually.

1. Football

2. Movies

3. Survivor (yes, I still watch it)

Yes, the fall movie line up is here and this means the summer blockbuster will be replaced by more thoughtful story lines, better acting and more movies made for an adult audience.  

This summer wasn’t a total loss.  My favorite movie this summer was “The Hurt Locker” (5/5),  followed by  “Star Trek” (4.5/5).  The worst movie this summer (by far) was “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” a flick I’m embarrassed to have spent money on.  

Film critic, Christian Toto,, put up a great  post, 2009 Fall Preview: The best of the rest,  previewing a handful of  fall flicks.

Here are a just a few of the fall films I am most looking forward to:

SherlockholmesSherlock Holmes”  (opening Christmas Day) – Okay, so this one is really a winter movie, but  with Guy Richie directing Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. John Watson, I will be in line to see this one.  There’s a high possibility I will be  disappointed, but despite that knowledge, I will still be in line.  

aseriousmanpic3A Serious Man” (Oct. 2) –  The Coen brothers are at it again in this comedy about a man in the late 1960’s whose life is coming apart at the seams. I like the setting and I like the Coens (most of the time).


InventionLyingThe Invention of Lying” (Oct. 2) – This comedy about a world in which only one man can lie stars Ricky Gervais, a personal favorite. He’s not every one’s cup of tea, but this dry-humored Brit can make me laugh just by standing in a scene. This film also star Jennifer Garner, who is always very cute and likable.

Bright-Star-2009-001Bright Star” (Oct. 15) – I am a sucker for beautiful period pieces and this film,  about 19th Century poet John Keats is sure to please on both accounts.  “Bright Star” got great buzz  Cannes where it was nominated.  

So there you have it.  Despite the cold weather looming, we can find warmth and entertainment in the theater this fall.

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