Mad Brad & his Trailer Trash Troubadours – CD release party

I am writing an article about this band for the newspaper. During our interview today I discovered their CD release party is this weekend, so I decided to give them a plug here on HeidiTown.

Mad Brad & his Trailer Trash Troubadours is a country/bluegrass band with what guitarist, lead vocalist and writer Brad Handley calls an “eclectic” sound. The CD is called “Everything  u no iz Rong.”  My favorite songs on the  CD are, “If you see Kay,” and “The Ballad of Super Bowl Sunday.”

Combining good tunes with humorous and sometimes “trashy” lyrics,  the band is  a toe tapping good time.  

The release party will be held this Sunday, September 20, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Bas Bleu Theater Company, 401 Pine Street in Fort Collins.   The cover is $5, and the party’s theme is “trailer park trash,” so feel free to wear your best pair of cut off jeans paired with your dirtiest wife-beater tank top.

This is Brad Handley’s first CD.

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  1. Where the heck are you Brad? You’ve changed your cell number. please reach out to me Sand Edwards


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