“Community” beating the pants off “The Office”


Just when I thought I couldn’t love this show anymore, last night’s show had an ode to my all-time favorite movie, “Dead Poets Society.”

So now it  is now official: I will cry if they cancel “Community.”

If you haven’t seen “Community,” it stars Joel McHale, most famous as the host of E’s “The Soup,” he also  snagged a  role as an FBI agent  in the new Matt Damon flick, “The Informant!”

From the people who brought you “Arrested Development,” this  sitcom is  set at a community college, where students  of all ages are enrolled for a variety of reasons.  McHale plays  Jeff Winger, an attorney whose degree has been revoked.   The show also stars Chevy Chase, as  “Chuck,” a  millionaire  and a  tactless chauvinist.  

The show is witty without being pretentious.    If you were a fan of “Arrested Development” – and I was – you will probably like “Community.”   So far, this season of “The Office” has been a let down, but  “Community” is making up for it.


  1. I’m gonna check it out, but only because of your high praise!


  2. I {heart} Joel McHale and have been *loving* Community so far! I’m with you… if they cancel this, I will cry! BTW, do you watch The Soup on the E! channel on Friday night? Good stuff…..


  3. Heck yes Urban Mom, The Soup is where I get all my Hollywood entertainment news!!! Love that show. Mchale is awesome, but I hope this new gig doesn’t mean he’s leaving The Soup.
    Thanks for checking in!


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