HeidiTown bogged down in “Twilight,” Chapters 11 – 19

Synopsis:   Edward and Bella have now declared their love for one another. There’s a romantic scene in a meadow, where Bella discovers vampires twinkle in the sunlight. She meets  Edward’s entire family of beautiful vampires and discovers they do not sleep in coffins. Edward struggles to keep control over his instinctual desire to suck Bella’s blood.   Bella continues to worry her father will find out about the vampire legend surrounding Edward’s family. Bella attends a vampire baseball game involving thunderous hits, lightening-like runs and unwelcome guests.

I was speeding through this book, but came to an abrupt stop after the chapter involving baseball. Really?    

Also, why would a 90-year-old vampire be interested in a 17-year-old girl? Sort of perverted if you ask me. I just can’t seem to forget that Edward is a 90-year-old vampire. Is it because he died as a human boy at age 17 that he still has the feelings of a 17-year-old? Frankly, I think he wants to suck her blood and the only reason he is protecting her is so no one else will get the chance to suck her delicious smelling blood. Is that really love?

I recently discussed this with a friend and avid fan of the “Twilight” series, and she informs me that the bond between Edward and Bella it is true love and she urged me to continue giving the book a chance.

So onward I read, albeit skeptically and with a slight smirk upon my lips.

To read the entire saga of HeidiTown’s trip through “Twilight” (in chronological order), click on this underlined sentence.


  1. Hahaha….vampires love beautiful young girls, right? OK, I thought the baseball thing was incredibly strange, too.


  2. Ironically, the baseball scene is one of the best parts of the otherwise mediocre movie. (Yes I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit, but that’s beside the point.) My theory on the age thing is that if you average his vampire age and his human age, he’s suddenly and completely accessible to middle-aged women. (Not that I am one *cough, cough* but again, beside the point.)

    Smart cookie, that Stephenie Meyer.


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