HeidiTown takes on “New Moon” – slogging through Chapters 4 – 8

Synopsis: With Edward gone Bella is a wreck, but she tries to snap out of it when her father threatens to send her back to her mother. Bella discovers she can hear Edwards voice when she does something dangerous, like chatting up men outside a bar in Port Angeles. So Bella decides to pursue rushes of adrenaline. In her quest she finds a couple of run down motorcycles, but unable to fix them herself, she takes them to Jacob Black, the Indian boy from the reservation. Jacob, who has had a bit of a crush on Bella since “Twilight,” is more than happy to fix up the bikes for Bella, and thus begins a friendship between the two. Also during these chapters the killings begin. The rumor is that a huge bear is hunting people in and around Forks.  

Bella Wallows

Wow, is Bella really unlikable in this book or is it just me? Poor Jacob. That’s what I kept saying over and over again while reading “New Moon.” Bella is a user! She is blatently  using him. Using him to fix the bikes, using him for companionship, all the while she knows he wants something more, but she knows she won’t give it to him. I’ve known girls like this in real life and I’ve never liked the type.

Bella is also wallowing in her pain over the loss of Edward. Wallow, wallow, wallow. Get over it girl! He’s a old-man vampire who left because he’s afraid he or someone in his family will eat you. Seriously, enough with the wallowing already.  

Stephenie Meyer’s writing is a bit more tolerable in this book, or perhaps I’ve just grown accustom to it. She continues to use adjectives after dialogue, such as “sarcastically,” “hesitantly,” and “bleakly.” And those were all from one page! Thankfully by getting rid of Edward there’s a lot less smirking and smoldering in “New Moon.”

To read the entire saga of HeidiTown’s trip through “New Moon” (in chronological order), click on this underlined sentence.


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