Bah humbug on celebrating Christmas before it “˜tis the season

There are over fifty-two days until Christmas, yet you’d think it was right around the corner. With Christmas music flooding department stores and “A Christmas Carol” opening in theaters this weekend, it’s all just a little too much to take.

“A Christmas Carol” is one of my husband’s favorite stories, and we’ve been looking forward to Jim Carrey’s onscreen version. However, we refuse to see it this early in the season.

The Halloween costumes weren’t even off before we  were being bombarded with jingle bells and layaway commercials. In fact, this year I heard Christmas music in a department store prior to Halloween. It just isn’t right!

I understand why this is happening; merchandisers across the country have had a tough year, and they are hoping they can make up for those losses by starting Christmas early. I, for one, am not falling for it.

You will not see a review of “A Christmas Carol” here at HeidiTown until after Thanksgiving – the day it should have opened.

The magic of Christmas is because it’s once a year – once a year, not for two or three months every year.

To begin the season so early cheapens the entire holiday.


  1. I’m with you. The Safeway near campus had not only a Christmas tree, but also boxes of champagne (for New Years) set up weeks before Halloween … holy smokes


  2. Baa humbug!where are the cornucopias and the charli brown thanksgiving specials? We should be thinking about turkey and football, not goose and mistletoe.


  3. Carrey’s “Scrooge” underwhelmed at the box office. Too early … or too many variations on Scrooge? Both, I think.

    Although “Surviving Christmas” came out early in the season a few years ago. So early, in fact, that it had time to die a quick death at the box office and make it to DVD before Dec. 25, if memory serves. I’ve never suffered through that film, though.


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