For the love of vampires

Twilight Vampires
The vampires of the Twilight franchise.

The People’s Choice Awards were last night and apparently the people like vampires. Despite their blood-sucking ways, the creatures of the night won big, and they’d better relish it, because this is the only awards show where “Twilight“ will walk away with Best Movie. This is slightly confusing, because technically, “Twilight“ came out in 2008, but who cares about technically?  This is the People’s Choice Awards!

The “Twilight“ franchise and actors weren’t the only bloodsuckers (emphasis on suck), to walk away with awards. The show “Vampire Dairies,” won favorite New TV Drama and HBO’s “True Blood,” was favorite TV Obsession.

A man who may actually be a vampire, Johnny Depp, won Actor of the Decade. Depp showed up to accept this not-quite-as-prestigious-as-an-Oscar award looking rather vampire-ish, or perhaps he just hadn’t slept in awhile, or showered.  

Because no award show would be complete without her presence, Taylor Swift won favorite Female Artist, while another blonde, Carrie Underwood, won in the Country Artist category. Swift’s popularity puzzles me. The only person I know who listens to her is my five-year-old niece, and I’m fairly sure she didn’t get online and vote in this poll.

Very few of the winners would have gotten my vote, if I had voted, which I didn’t, but I was happy to see Alyson Hannigan win for “How I Met Your Mother.” She’s one funny gal. Another one of my favorites, “The Big Bang Theory,” won the TV Comedy category.

In the end, this award show really doesn’t matter much. It’s just another excuse for Hollywood to dress up, pat each other on the back, thank God, and pose in front of the cameras, but if you are one of the vampire-crazed voters, you likely had a happy night.


  1. Little know vampire trivia, regarding your review. Alyson Hannigan got her start on a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Big Bang Theory was originally slated to be called The Big Fang Theory. True story.

    PS – Yes I am a smart ass when my precious saga is mocked by my favorite drinking buddy.


  2. Ha! I was counting the minutes until you chimed in!!! I added the “suck” part, just for your pleasure. 🙂


  3. While daughter and I are both Twilight series fans, I too am baffled at it’s many wins. Perhaps can only be explained by the sheer volume of fans for this saga. I did enjoy the first two films and anticipate the 3rd, but that’s more to do with wanting to see a beloved book brought to the screen and less to do with the amazing feats of cinematic genius (which while enjoyable, neither of the first two were). Wow. That’s got to be the longest run on sentence I’ve done in a while. Sorry for the slovenly writing. It’s early. Only other comment is that as a Twilight fan (though of the non-obsessed variety), I appreciate your writing of these things in a non-offensive way. You do have a gift and I’m thankful that I’ve found your blog now!


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