The Mayor lunches at Young’s Cafe (Fort Collins, Colorado)

The Seafood Basket at Young's Cafe. Photo from
The Seafood Basket at Young's Cafe. Photo from

One day before we celebrate the passing of Saint Patrick by drinking lots of green beer, the Mayor got a craving for Asian food. To quench this hunger I had lunch today at Young’s Café in Fort Collins, Colorado.  

Apparently I am the only Northern Coloradoan not to have eaten at Young’s Café. The restaurant has been in open since 1987, and has been voted “Best Oriental Food” of Fort Collins for many, many years.

Located in a non-descript strip mall, behind the Red Lobster on South College Avenue, at 1 p.m. on a Wednesday, Young’s Cafe was packed. When I opened the menu, I discovered why.

Lunch will run you only $6.75 and includes fried rice, spring roll, soup of the day and your entrée. Noodle bowls are also available. At midday the restaurant is light and bright, with a patio overlooking a green belt.

Prompt service was followed by the food arriving at the table with equal swiftness. I had the Hot & Spicy Chicken. The restaurant is Vietnamese, but their Web site makes the point that Vietnamese food is influenced by both French and Chinese, and my chicken dish tastes very Chinese. It wasn’t quite spicy enough for me, although this is fairly normal. I like my Asian food tear-inducing hot.

I’m happy to have found Young’s Café, even though I might be the last one to have discovered the place. A friend who frequents Young’s Café insists I need to go for dinner and order the Seafood Basket ($14.95) and the Volcano ($8.50), a drink for two that is sure to light up any date night.

I will be back, but next time I will be sure to ask them to dial up the hotness factor.

Check out Young’s Café’s hours and menu at

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