Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The name of this town may sound a little Swiss, or German, but the truth of the matter is  that there  is quite a lot of Irish-ness around here.

From the Mayor and her husband Ryan, here’s a little ditty from a HeidiTown favorite, the Kansas City band The Elders.  


To find out more about The Elders visit their Web site at www.EldersMusic.com.


  1. Now if that doesn’t put you in a jolly mood I don’t know what will. 🙂 Carm


  2. Listening to the Elders was unfortunately the extent of my St.Patricks day celelbrating. But it was enough!
    I love this band! Makes we wish I had not gotten rid of my accordian.


  3. Thanks for the Elders video. My wife and I volunteer at the Rialto, and I love it when the Elders play. They shake the walls. Unfortunately the last time they were scheduled here they got snowed in trying to leave KC.


  4. Hi Bob,
    I thought they made the concert despite the snow. We saw them the night before the Rialto at The Soiled Dove in Denver. They were almost late to the show there. But I know they played the following night in Loveland because Stoll Vaughan opened for them. 🙂


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