Modern day wild west portrayed in “Justified” on FX

Justified FX

“Justified” caught my eye because it stars one of my favorite sheriffs. Timothy Olyphant, formerly Sheriff Seth Bullock on the HBO series Deadwood“ is back as a modern day gunslinger in this new drama on FX.

Olyphant stars as US Marshall Raylan Givens, a man reminiscent of Olyphant’s former character, Seth Bullock. Givens is a tough lawman, who plays by his own rules and wears a white hat.

In last Thursday’s premiere, Givens wild west style has gotten him in trouble with his superiors and he is transferred from sunny Florida to his hometown in the rural mining area of Kentucky where he comes face to face with his past.

The series is based on several books by award winning author Elmore Leonard.

After watching the premiere, I’m hooked.  

You can check out “Justified” on FX on Thursday nights.  


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