The World’s Best French Fries may have the help of divine intervention

If you give me the choice between a banana split and a plate of fries, I’ll take the fries every time. I love French fries. I know it is not  the most healthy food choice, but when consumed in moderation they make me insanely happy, especially the fries from Light House Café in Berthoud, Colorado.

I’ve been going to Light House Cafe for as long as I’ve been writing at the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor (that’s about 3 ½ years),  so I’ve had these fries on more than one occasion.

My husband likes to meet me there on Wednesdays for the Slider Special – three sliders, a pile of fries and a drink for $5.50. Seriously, it’s a hell of a deal, and that is an ironic way to describe it because Light House Café is located inside Grace Place, a non-denominational church.

Light House serves breakfast and lunch, and lately, with swimsuit season fast approaching, I’ve been trying their salads, which are fresh and delicious. My recent favorite is the Greek Salad, consisting of thinly sliced gyro meat over a bed of spinach with olives, tomatoes and feta. Delicious. But I do continue to steal fries from my husband’s plate. I just can’t help myself. These fries are insanely good and addictive.

Why? Perhaps it is divine intervention, but most likely it is because they are fresh, hand cut fries. I’d highly recommend giving Light House a try and don’t forgo an order of fries. You will not be disappointed.

For their entire menu, location and business hours, visit LIGHT HOUSE’s WEB SITE.

Note: Light House has free Wi-Fi and opens at 7 a.m.

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  1. You’ve made me so hungry for fries! Shame on you. 🙂 Do they have sweet potato fries? Sweet potato fries…YUM. Why is there a Cafe inside a church? Wouldn’t that make church fun? Church isn’t suppose to be fun!


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