The Mayor visits a Museum!

The Hotel de Paris is one of the Mayor's favorite museums in Colorado. It is located in charming Georgetown. Learn about in the Travel - Colorado - Georgetown section.

Museum: a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed.

With the fall season up on us, and the festival and event season slowing down, individuals and families will be looking for ways to fill their weekends with fun. So I’ve decided to introduce a new section in HeidiTown dedicated to museums.

In these posts, appearing on the front page of HeidiTown and in the Travel Section, I will highlight some of the fascinating museums around Colorado. I’ll write about admission prices, hours, whether the museum is a good fit for children, the overall character of the place and what unique offerings the museum may hold for patrons.   When possible I will include photographs.

I intend to visit these museums, and give a truthful review, although you should know my bias; I grew up going to museums and I love them. I believe we can learn a lot about ourselves by going to museums, large or small.

Berthoud, Colorado’s Pioneer Museum director, Taralyn Sikora, once explained to me that the word museum comes from “muse” and “memories.” She described a museum as “a storehouse of memories.” I love this description because it evokes emotion, not simply dust covered photographs and artifacts, but the memories of real people, real places and real events.

Look for the first museum post later this week!

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