Taking time to be thankful

Does this view look familiar? Sometimes we just need to look up! Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer

While walking the dog at a lake near my house this past weekend, I stopped for a moment, in awe of a huge flock of geese flying overhead. There were at least 200 geese in this enormous V, each taking a turn flying at the back and then making their way to somewhere in the middle of the V. I watched, mesmerized until they disappearing into the southern horizon.

As I head into a busy Thanksgiving week, playing bumper cars with carts at the grocery store, circling the mall a hundred and one times before finding a parking spot, or working to make all my writing deadlines, it’s hard to stop and think about being thankful.

But as I was walking the dog, witnessing one of the most miraculous behaviors in the animal world, I realized how incredibly thankful I am to live in Northern Colorado. The beauty of nature surrounds us every day. Glance up at a telephone pole and you’re likely to see a raptor sitting, head cocked, ready to grab an oblivious prairie dog. Foxes trot through our small towns, as do coyotes, deer and even the occasional elk.

Northern Colorado is truly one of the most visually stunning places in the world. During this time of year the shockingly white Rocky Mountains rise up against a brilliantly blue sky. When I take a moment and look up, these mountains never cease to take my breath away.

That’s the point, really. We have to pause, just for a second, and look around in order to be thankful. I hope you can take some time during this busy holiday week to look around, just for moment and take in the beauty of Northern Colorado.

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  1. I saw a bunch of birds swarming and thought, “Wow. Nature is so cool.” Thanks for the reminder. Great post.


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