Denver Big Air Event

I wanted to share these amazing pictures with you. My friend Chase Squires took these photos of the ski ramp that was constructed for the Denver Big Air Event that’s happening today and tomorrow in downtown Denver. These photos show the scale of this gigantic construction project.

Photograph by Chase Squires, all rights reserved.
Photography by Chase Squires, all rights reserved.

This ramp stands 106 feet tall and is located in Civic Park. It is part of the Nature Valley Big Air Challenge, an international ski and snowboard competition that starts today and runs through tomorrow. Each day is jam packed with events. Today’s festivities are capped off with an appearance by the band Switchfoot. Tomorrow night will be the award ceremony.

For a full schedule head over to

This event is being held in the middle of the week in a  run up to the Winter X Games in Aspen Snowmass this weekend. The Winter X Games will be live on ESPN, January 27-30, 2011.  Check out ESPN Action for all the Winter X Games info you can handle.  things to do in Denver


  1. I don’t know about *all* rights reserved, just a few 🙂 Thanks Heidi, I’m thinking about walking down tonight to see what’s going on, hoping I can hear Switchfoot from outside without paying gate admission, I’ll let you know!


    1. I forgot to mention ticket prices. If I remember right they were rather outrageous! Online sales are now closed, but tickets can be bought at the gate.

      Thanks for the use of the photos Chase!


  2. The event could have been scheduled over the weekend so more kids could attend,after all we dont want them ditching school to see it,get with it denver!


    1. Thanks for dropping in Thomas!

      The event wasn’t held on the weekend because they didn’t want to hold it at the same time as the Winter X-Games up in Aspen. That was Denver’s reasoning.


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