Party like a celebrity – The Oscars 2011

If you’ve been a longtime resident of HeidiTown, you know that the Mayor likes movies. I don’t post movie reviews here anymore, but I still see a lot of movies, and I love the Oscars despite the fact that there are now ten best picture nominees (it’s hard enough finding 5 movies good enough to be best picture nominees).

The 83rd Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 27, 2011, and I will be glued to my television the moment the stars start to walk the red carpet. I may be a low-maintenance gal, but I’ve always love glamorous fashion and all the glitz surrounding this award ceremony.

If you’d like to throw an Oscar Party, here are a few tips.  If you’d like to attend an organized Oscar party, scroll to the bottom of this post for a couple recommendations.

Red carpet – If you can obtain a large red carpet the length of your driveway to your front door – so awesome and I want to see pictures. However a small one will suffice. Buy a red entry way or bathroom rug at Kohl’s or Target. This will be an amusing addition to your party decorations. You can have your guests get their “party photo” taken while standing on the rug. Here’s when a Polaroid come in handy!

Champagne – I’m not a huge fan of bubbly unless it’s in orange juice, but every Oscar party needs at least a couple bottles. Plus, it looks so pretty in a fluted glass, even if it’s only one of those fake plastic champagne glasses you can buy for a dollar at Target.

SWAG – When the stars attend the Academy Awards they get a SWAG bag. These goodie bags are filled with promotional items like perfumes, slippers, and even jewelry. For your guests fill up SWAG bags with candy, stuff from the Dollar Store, or items from those bins in the pharmacy section of grocery store. Who doesn’t need a small tube of toothpaste?

Oscar Ballots – has a printable ballot, get it here. Make sure you stock up on prizes for the winners. The prize for first place should be a fake Oscar (you can order them online) or just get a silly trophy from the thrift store. Other prize ideas?  Things from the dollar bins at Target.

Don’t want to throw you own party? Here are a couple of official Oscar parties in Colorado. If you know of any others, please leave a comment with event details.

The Kress Oscar Party, Greeley, Colorado


Time: 5:30 p.m. until it’s over

Tickets: $20

Attire: Classy

This party includes a red carpet entrance, an appetizer buffet, Oscar ballot with cash prizes, and the 83rd Academy Awards on the big screen and in the lounge.

Oscar Night America, Denver, Colorado

Event Website Here

Where: Exdo Event Center @ 5 p.m.

Tickets start at $80

Attire: Swanky

This is the annual fundraiser for the  Denver Film Society, a nonprofit organization working to promote film as an art form and civic forum.  Guests will walk the red carpet and pose for the paparazzi. There will be a cocktail reception and seated dinner. A silent auction will be conducted throughout the night while the 83rd Academy Awards is shown via a live feed. Oscar ballots will be provided  and guest can win big prizes. things to do in Denver

Learn more about the 83rd Academy Awards at


  1. I love these suggestions! I’m inspired to host an Oscar party now.


  2. I love the Oscars too. Too bad haven’t seen all the contenders. Seems like SN is poised to win but I’d choose BS. Enjoy the bubblie and have a beer for me too.


    1. I’m rooting for The King’s Speech, but it’s going to be a tight race against Social Network. I think the cultural importance of SN gives it the edge and it’s a great movie, but I LOVED TKS. Loved.

      Black Swan was a good film, but it left me wanting a shower or a stiff drink or a rope. I don’t mind dark, but it was d.a.r.k.


  3. I love the Oscars and used to watch it by phone across the country with my best friend. Now, we’re lucky if we’ve seen one or two of the contenders. We’d have a running bet on who could pick the most winners. She would choose with her heat and I would guess based on popularity and politics. I always won;)

    I still enjoy the people watching and speculation. Thanks for the great suggestions.


    1. I should have mentioned insider betting between party goers. I love the ballot, but insider betting is good too. Lose the bet, lose a piece of clothing? LOL! Just kidding. No strip-Oscars. It’s just not right, especially when there’s a cartoon up for Best Picture!


  4. Yeah! Comments!!!

    I realized today that I did forget to include a drinking game in my party tips. Here’s a few I just made up on the fly…
    1. Take a shot every time a celebrity has to be bleeped.
    2. Take a shot every time a celebrity mentions God.
    3. Take a shot every time a celebrity mentions their pet political cause.
    4. Take a shot every time a celebrity looks at the camera and tells their kid to go to bed.
    5. Take a shot because you’ll never look that good in a suit or in an evening gown.


  5. If you’re in Fort Collins, come to the Articulate City Oscar Party at Lyric Cinema Cafe! $10 includes drinks, food courtesy of Grant Family Farms, Oscar bingo, ballot contest, prizes for best costume, and our very own theater in which to watch the Oscar telecast together. Seated is limited, so get your ticket at ASAP! Dress code ranges from pajamas with tiaras (yes, these go together) to red carpet glam, and everything in between. Come have fun with us.


    1. Thanks Julie! I thought your party was private so I didn’t include it in this list. It sounds like tons of fun and you are definitely going to have the best food around!


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