Giveaway celebrates Great Plates

The Canyon Chop House has given the Mayor *TWO*  $50 gift certificates to give away in celebration of Great Plates in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Great Plates runs March 1 – 14, 2011. The Canyon Chop House’s Great Plates special includes a three-course dinner for one, with an amazing  entrée  selection.  Click here to see all the Great Plates specials.

The Canyon Chop House received 4 stars from Feasting Fort Collins, Northern Colorado’s premiere restaurant critic.  Read the review here.

To enter this contest, just leave me a comment and tell me how you learned about HeidiTown. TWO winners will be chosen by a random drawing on Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

If you haven’t joined HeidiTown on Facebook, please do it now!  Join us here.

If you haven’t joined Feasting Fort Collins on Facebook, join now!

Visit The Canyon Chop House online at

A special thank you to The Canyon Chop House for providing the gift certificate for this giveaway!

Website Comments

  1. Jenny

    I was deep in the Amazon rain forest, jacked up on a variety of tropical fruits, when a shaman leaned over and whispered in my ear, “HeidiTown, HeidiTown, HeidiTown….”

    No, really, it was a Google search of local blogs, which is the least interesting comment so far.

  2. Karen

    I can’t honestly remember how I found you Heidi! I suspect it may have been a twitteraculous circumstance, or perhaps the good ol’ social network may be responsible. Either way, I’m certainly glad I did!

  3. Liz

    I found out about HeidiTown from the Mayor herself when we met at a tweet-up in a coffee shop about a year ago. 🙂

  4. SuzsPetals

    I found out about HeidiTown when a ravishing redhead came into my art gallery a couple years ago and told me her groundbreaking idea for a town that she would rule as the benevolent mayor. Then we drank wine.

  5. M Kathy Brown

    Once Upon a Time, what seems a long, long time ago, I saw HeidiTown responding to FeastingFC on facebook, and wondered what the “mayor” thing was all about…

    …for reals!
    (besides, I do copy edit for Kristin, so how could I *not* know about you :~)

  6. DanaK

    I found out about you while reading your featured blog on Feasting Fort Collins! I loved your review and all that you are about! Yay for giveaways 🙂

  7. Mary

    I learned about HeidiTown through being a fan of FeastingFortCollins – one great blog leads to another!

  8. Angel

    Oh my stars–I don’t know where I originally found out about you. I can only assume it involved some light internet stalking on one or both of our parts. Also, I’d like to put in a special request. My husband has been out of town for TWO MONTHS! We’ve spent exactly 5 days together in 2011. I think we need a nice meal out together to remember what it feels like to see each other in person!

  9. Charlene

    Hello! I first saw comments of yours on FFC reviews – nice to have another professional blogger weigh in on local restaurants. I like to take in your blog when i find the time.

  10. Jayne

    I started reading HeidiTown after the Feasting Fort Collins guest post. And I’ve been trying to catch up on all your posts!

  11. Jason Predick

    I actually just now learned about HeidiTown through Facebook and seeing a comment/status from Feasting Fort Collins. After delving deeper into the website I think that its fantastic!

  12. C2

    I saw this on my FB wall from Feasting Fort Collins. Still not quite sure what Heiditown is all about, but if it’s food related….

    • The Mayor

      Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest C2!

      HeidiTown is all about events & festivals and other stuff the Mayor likes… and sometimes that’s a great food event like Great Plates. But I leave the food blogging to the expert over at Feasting Fort Collins.

  13. Amy

    I just saw the facebook status update from Feasting Fort Collins about this page! Definitely going to have to scope out this blog some more. 😀

  14. The Mayor

    It definitely looks like I’m going to owe Kristin a 5-course dinner and six pack of good beer!!!

    🙂 Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

    HeidiTown is all about events & festivals and other stuff the Mayor likes… and sometimes that’s a great food event like Great Plates. But I leave the food blogging to the expert over at Feasting Fort Collins.

  15. Carol

    Honestly, I don’t remember how I first learned of this fabulous place called Heiditown. I’m so glad I did, though, as you’ve been a fount of information for a relative newbie to the area like me. Thanks!

  16. brenda

    i took the back door to get here! i read an email form hcc restaurants. they had a link to hcc on facebook. i went there and they had a link to you! yea.

  17. jessica

    I found out about you through FFC and I follow you on Twitter (and you follow me!). I would love to eat at CCH–I’ve never been.

  18. JD

    I found Heiditown through a tweet on the Feasting Fort Collins website! Canyon rocks as did its predecessor Nohku on Canyon. Never heard of the site before, so I guess your post did its job!

  19. TomV

    I wish I could say the wind here in western Nebraska whispers “Heiditown” but alas I found you from Feasting Fort Collins.

  20. Bronan!

    I heard about this contest by calling Miss Cleo on the psychic hotline, whose services were originally referred to me by a commercial I saw about 12 years ago. Hook a brotha up, ‘cuz I need free food to recoup the $3.99 for the first minute/$2.99 for each additional minute crippling debt I’ve incurred due to my psychic hotline addiction.

  21. Colorado Business Coach

    So I noticed how much this blog looked a lot like another blog I never go to…..Only kidding. Actually through social media. Then connected cuz the Mayor is so awesome. Now I am happy to call the Mayor friend and I visit Heiditown to see what is up in NoCo.

  22. Jeanie Sutter

    My sister met Heidi and then introduced me to her. My sister thinks she found HeidiTown on Twitter. YEAH for a great blog, great town, great restaurants, and Great Plates.

  23. Donna Inscho-Hynes

    A friend shared Heiditown on facebook several months ago and I’ve been enjoying The Mayor’s posts ever since 🙂

  24. W. Hunter Harms

    I learned of HeidiTown via Feasting Fort Collins, however I have also seen it on my friends like list too!

    You should pick me for the The Canyon Chop House because:
    1. I’ve never been there.
    2. I’ll tell everyone for weeks after dinner at the Chop House
    …3. I’ll alway TIP staff very generously
    4. We alway buy a bottle of wine with every meal!
    5. My brother is a seasoned New York City chef and grad of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY & he always helps me on my high-end reviews

  25. Jamie Self

    I learne about HeidiTown from a friend of mine. come to find out The Mayor and I know a lot of the same people!

  26. Kristin

    Holy crap. My readers have flooded your blog all day! I’m going to start bribing people with good steaks and bottles of wine 😉

  27. Angie

    I just learned of HeidiTown from your guest review of the Bent Fork on Feasting Fort Collins. You make a great pairing!

  28. Arne Jamtgaard

    I learned of HeidiTown through a mutual friend, and cemented my citizenship through a series of wacky games!

  29. Marty Thomas


    I found you when searching the net about any information on our Choice City. Please enter me in the drawing and thank you for the emails from Heidi Town.

    Warm regards,


  30. Wendy

    You see we had these increadibly cute… chickens;) Don’t recall but after seeing so many comments I had to add one myself! What a turnout… Kudos to you HKM!

  31. Kerrie Flanagan

    I have been a fan of Heiditown for so long I forgot how I originally heard about you. BTW, I love the Canyon Chop House (Creme Brulee to die for).

  32. Jamie

    I first found HeidiTown by doing a Google search for “Fort Collins blog.” I was sure that this awesome city had to have some good bloggers, and I was right! Thanks, Mayor!

  33. Kevin

    You told me about it at #NoCoFAT! Are you coming to it this Friday at Cohere? Angel will be giving a preview of her SXSW Ignite talk.

  34. The Mayor

    Thanks for all the comments! Wow. You people really want some free food! 🙂

    A couple of your comments ended up in my spam folder, but I have remedied that!

    Good luck and thanks again for entering this great contest! And remember, Great Plates starts today.

  35. steve

    Hi. Been out of ther country for a few months. Back now and looking forward to the summer events in these parts. 🙂 I heard about you through a mutual friend a while back. Great giveaway btw. We all need great food 😉

  36. Joanne

    My husband told me about this!!
    What a great idea to get everyone in the mood for Great Plates!!!!!

  37. Mia

    I read about HeidiTown on Feasting Fort Collins, and I’m enjoying having another blog to follow!

  38. Harmonie

    I heard about HeidiTown talking about it (and Feasting Ft. Collins) at work (MouCo Cheese Co.)

  39. The Mayor

    Thanks to everyone for entering this contest! The winners have been chosen… this time out of a box instead of a hat and the winners were Lisa and Melissa. They have both been contacted via email.

    A HUGE THANK YOU to The Canyon Chop House for providing the gift certificates for this giveaway.

    Thanks again to everyone who entered and all the new fans on HeidiTown’s Facebook page. Keep checking in for more fun event and festival information and many more giveaways to come.

    ~The Mayor

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