Win a pair of tickets to the 1940s WWII Era Ball in Boulder!

1940s WWII Era Ball event poster

Boys, put on your zoot suit and winged tipped shoes and girls, get out the hot iron. It’s time for the 1940s WWII Era Ball at Boulder Airport. This unique event caught my eye several years ago, and last year we bought tickets for my in-laws to attend. They had a blast, so this year, the Mayor will be putting on her dancing shoes and joining the party!

The 1940s WWII Era Ball is a salute to “The Greatest Generation,” and this year’s event will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011. The schedule of events includes everything from swing lessons, a paratrooper skydiving reenactment, hula dancers, a USO style show with celebrity impersonators, dancing to the Hot Tomatoes big band and so much more. The evening also promises to deliver spontaneous 1940s reenactments throughout the night.

Guests will have the opportunity to get up and personal with real planes from WWII, and can even arrange to get a ride in a TBM Avenger or a Stearman Biplane. Other planes that will be at the event include the Staggerwing, the T6 Texan, the T-28, The Beech 18 WWII trainer plane, and the Fairchild P23.

Photo from the 1940s WWII Era Ball in 2009

Photo courtesy of on Facebook. This photo was taken at the 2009 event.

Ball guests are encouraged to dress in period clothing. Last week I stopped by Rockin’ Robin’s Retro & Retail Store in Niwot, and discovered some perfect vintage outfits for the ball. If you are in need of the proper WWII era outfit, be sure to shop at Rockin’ Robins.

And now for the really good part”¦ the Mayor of is giving away a pair of tickets to the 1940s WWII Era Ball! This is a $60 value. If you’d like to be entered into the contest, please let me know that you were here by leaving a comment and telling me one of the names of the many WWII era planes that will be at the Boulder Airport during the ball.

A winner will be chosen in a random drawing on Friday, May 13 at 10 a.m.


All net proceeds of the 1940s WWII Era Ball go to The Wounded Warrior Project and The Spirit of Flight Center Colorado. If you don’t win a free ticket here, I strongly encourage you to purchase a ticket online at You can also join the ball on Facebook here.


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  1. Erinn

    I’ve never seen that before and i’m so excited you put it on here. Would love to win tickets. I would love to see all the planes – The Fairchild P23

  2. Shannon

    What a great era for an event! Would love to go and get a ride in a Stearman Biplane!

  3. Jamiee Ortiz

    This Ball would be gr8 to attend. To learn more about the time my Pepere was in the service! T6 Texan.

  4. Wink

    My heart would be all aflutter to win tickets… and to possibly arrange to take a quick ride in a TBM Avenger!

  5. Kevin Vogt

    Gotta tell ya gal, the Beech 18 WWII trainer plane will elevate your night! Only if the tix are free, you can accompany me!

  6. Olivia

    I love to swing dance so this would be a ton of fun! Especially dancing next to planes like the T-28!

  7. Michael Clingan

    Since a T-28 used to buzz a neighbors house early on Saturday mornings (it was an inside pilot joke thing – the neighbor flew for United) I’ll go with one of those. It’ll be nice to see one when I’m not cowering on the deck as it skims our mountain.

  8. Jessica

    This sounds like so much fun! I’d love to win tickets and see the T6 Texan!

  9. bethany lane

    I would love to take my big texan husband to the ball, I know he would LOVE seeing the T6 Texan plane! Can’t wait!

  10. Jamie

    I’d love to go to the ball! Am I the only one who laughed at the idea of a plane being named the Staggerwing? And I just spend 15 minutes reading about why they were named that when I should have been working…

  11. Kyle Strand

    I could really use some tickets to this thing–I love to dance, and I love old planes such as the TBM Avenger.

  12. dawn marie hess

    Can’t think of a better reason to dress up and dance, and an excuse to shop at robins is always appreciated! A chance to see the planes has me hoppin-love the staggerwing!

  13. Kristin Stephens

    Would love to win tickets. And the T-28 will be at the Boulder airport. Sounds fun!

  14. Steve

    Ah yes…. the Fairchild P23! It has been a while since I criss-crossed the skies in one of those. 🙂 I heard last year the “bar” was an old M.A.S.H. tent. Sounds fun! “Make it Another Old Fashioned, Please”

  15. Trisha

    I didn’t know that this was taking place but I learned to swing dance years ago and this sounds like the perfect opportunity to get out my dancing shoes!! Thank you for posting!! Douglas A-20 Havoc

  16. Trevor

    I mentioned the ball at some point, in passing, to my 15 year-old daughter… was really surprised when she became excited about it, finding costumes, getting her hair done – she told me she wants to go with me! *warm fuzzies* Would be an amazing father-daughter date for us. The Fairchild P23

  17. Collette

    We would love to attend this event. My Fiancee’ is a Desert Shield Veteran and both of our grandfather’s were WWII veterans! Looking forward to seeing what a Staggerwing plane looks like and the dance lessons!!

  18. Brittany

    I love the 1940’s! The Glam Woman got jobs outside the home , still took care of the children and looked great doing it. I love the T-28 and cannot wait to see everyone else who is just as excited as I am about the ball. I think this is a great event and soo excited to be going!

  19. Sondra

    Hanging out in the mash tent during the Christmas ball was fun! Learning about the history from experts made the night a night I will always cherish! I would love to win tixs to the summer one to see the t 28 plane!

  20. Diana

    Cant wait to see all the WWII planes that are going to be at the Boulder airport during the ball, specially the T-28!

  21. Cody

    Would love to go this after a couple years of waiting and see the Staggerwing. Don’t get to see many of those every day…

  22. Charlene

    I’ve never been but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go! My dad served in the 288th Forward Artillery Observation Battalian….and honestly, it would tickle him to have me send home pictures of everything there! The tents, the Staggerwing, the Stearman Biplane, and the Farchild P23.
    My guy, would be so thrilled to go! He is fascinated with all military stories, styles, the time, ….it all holds so much of our roots, and history….and to him, this would be like Christmas all over! (maybe better!)

    • james lockerbie


      My grandfather was in the 288th field observation battalion battery b
      I have his photos that he took during the war. There are pictures of about a dozen guys he served with. He passed in 2000. I maybe able to send you an email with the photos your father may enjoy them.

      James Lockerbie

  23. Brandon Ohrns

    This dead hoofer is going to be gammin’ on the dance floor like a real hep cat! And if I get my stompers into that TBM Avenger, it’d be the cat’s meow!

  24. Rick Rodriguez

    This would be a great birthday present. (wink wink). Especially with a ride in a TMB Avenger. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks Your Honor.

  25. Kathryn Winkler

    What a great idea! The 1940’s was an amazing decade. I am fascinated by anything to do with WWII and I adore women’s fashion from that era. I would love to get all dressed up and fly in the B-17 Bomber. I would take my sister with me. She lives in Boulder County and she loves to dance!

  26. Doreen

    Another kewl deal from the Mayor!! Would love to swing on a Staggerwing! 🙂

  27. Maureen

    The Stearman Texan gets my vote! As does Heiditown for promoting this grand event!

  28. Amber

    Fun! I’d love to get all dolled up and go dancin’ with my handsome man. He’d probably fall in love with the Staggerwing!

  29. Steve Wyatt

    I had 5 uncles who all served during WWII. I myself retired after 22 yrs from the U.S. Air Force in 2007. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for that era which was the greatest generation. Being in the Air Force I have a lot of knowledge of the planes of that era such as the Fairchild P23. It would be awesome to be able to attend.

  30. The Mayor


    Kristin Stephens!!!

    Kristin has been contacted via email.

    BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered this contest for a pair of tickets to the 1940s WWII Era Ball on June 18 in Boulder. And a BIG THANK YOU TO the 1940s Ball for making this giveaway possible. For those who didn’t win, you can still buy tickets at

    I will see you there!!!

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