Scream for FREE! Win tickets to Battle of the Haunted Houses in Fort Collins, Colorado

Scream Theme Logo 1 2011While I’m a wimp, I know a lot of you love being scared witless, so this giveaway is for you.  You’ll actually have two chances to win, because I’m going to run this same contest next week.

Just tell me you’d like your name entered into the drawing in the comment section and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday around noon.

This winner will receive 4 tickets (a $68 value) to Scream Theme Studios’ Battle of the Haunted Houses. The tickets are good for both The Nightmare Experiment and Destination Terror, located at the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Several years ago, friends forced me to go to Scream Theme Studios’ Battle of the Haunted Houses at Foothills Mall and quite frankly, it was a  frightening experience. Someone had told the actors my name, so the entire time I was on the inside, the actors were whispering and calling “Heidi! Heidi!”

So go ahead and enter this contest, but you have been warned!!! is not responsible for peed pants or damaged vocal chords or nightmares.

~ Contest Closed ~

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  1. Kim Ruben

    Yes,Yes! I have never been to a true haunted house but would WELCOME the experience to get the socks scared off of me.. Sounds like a blast!

  2. Karen

    We are going on Saturday! It would be SO GREAT to have won FREE tickets from my fav, HeidiTown! 🙂 Thanks Heidi!

  3. Tammara

    I would so love to be entered in this to win it for my kids!! They have been wanting to go, but it wasn’t in the budget this year.

  4. Geoff Sharr

    Ok…I will enter even though the only thing I have won in my entire life was a hat…

  5. The Mayor

    YIKES!!! The random number generator picked lucky #13! Stacy, you’ve won 4 tickets to Battle of the Haunted Houses. I will contact you via email.

    In the meantime, I will run this contest again next week… so be sure to keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and the blog for contest information.


  6. Hearsley Gray

    Good stuff over here at HEDI Town!
    Thanks for finding some brave souls to join us last year!
    The Battle of The Haunted House 2012 will be bigger and creepy then ever. Hope to see you all this October.

    Scream Theme Studios,
    We just want to put the SCREAM into your Halloween!

  7. yvonne

    sept 29, 20012
    i would like to win 9 tickets to the haunted houses because my family can’t afford to buy or take us to have fun and we like haunted houses and we would like to go this time and it would be a memorble one for my family to go to please pick my family give us the memories that let us have fun thank u from yvonne

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