Colorado Christmas musicals in review – Scrooge at Candlelight & White Christmas at Midtown

Two very different Christmas shows are now playing in Northern Colorado, and I have had the chance to see them.   Read my reviews and decide which one is right for your family this season. The two musicals are strikingly different, and each has strong points, so you may decide to see both.

Scrooge logo “Scrooge! The Musical” While the entire cast is talented, Brian Burron, as Scrooge, is the heart of this show. We watch as Scrooge transforms from a terrifying character into a man who is filled with a love for life, and Burron vividly emotes the difficult internal struggle his character goes through in this play… continue reading this review here.

White Christmas logo “White Christmas” From the moment go, this musical is just plain fun. The cast kicks off the production with a rousing rendition of “Happy Holidays” and “Let Yourself Go.” The young, energetic and talented cast of “White Christmas,” works hard to make sure the audience is immersed in this charming tale. I’m a sucker for a good song and dance number and this show has many… continue reading this review here.


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