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It’s almost here… another great Colorado weekend.  Here’s the line up for December 2-4, 2011.

NOTE TO READERS: I’ve decided that these videos aren’t getting enough views to justify the amount of work I put into them. Plus, the info on the videos is only good for a limited amount of time (until the weekend is over).  Therefore, from now on, every Thursday, I will put up the transcript of the radio show, and perhaps the sound as well.

There may be future videos on HeidiTown, but starting next week, we’re going back to the old-fashion written word.

So please enjoy this last installment!



  1. Hi Heidi – I wanted to let everyone know a little something that is going on right here in Fort Collins. Here at El Monte Grill, the tequila house, we are having a tequila dinner on 12/15. It will be a 4 course dinner, and each course will be paired with a delicious cocktail made with Corzo tequila all for $50. Our tequila expert will be here educating you while you dine on the following:
    Course 1 – Butternut squash, jalapeno, and lobster sopa garnished with cilantro crema
    Course 2 – Duck confit salad with apple mole, served on a black bean tostada
    Course 3 – Stuffed porkloin with spaghetti squash and green chile potato souffle
    Course 4 – Cranberry bread pudding with a canela anglaise.
    Please come and enjoy it is going to be a GREAT time, with gifts to take home.

    Anyone who would like to attend should call El Monte Grill at 970/372-1869 tickets are going fast!!


    1. Thanks for the info, Lorna!
      Sounds DELICIOUS!!! And a nice way to warm up during this chilly month. 🙂


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