Win tickets to Brew Year’s Eve Bootleggers Bash

New Years Eve Bootleggers Bash

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The Brew Year’s Eve Bootlegger Bash is going to be THE place to be on New Years Eve, and I’m giving away to one lucky couple a pair of tickets to enjoy the entire evening’s lineup of events including: a beer pairing dinner, live music and a DJ, a casino room, a pinata keg smash, a dance contest, costume contest, late night buffet, raffle drawing, several keg tappings and a midnight brewers toast.

The event is being hosted by The Fort Collins Brewery and Gravity 1020 Restaurant at FCB.

If you’d like to be entered into this amazing contest, just leave me a comment here telling me what you like to drink during the holidays. Personally, during this season I’ll drink whatever you hand me!

The winner will be chosen AT RANDOM on Monday, December 26, 2011.

This prize is valued at $125, and you MUST BE 21 or older to attend this event.  For complete event details or to buy tickets go HERE.



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  1. Peter

    Dear Ms. Mayor-
    This is the time of the year when Barley wine is the potion of choice. Brew should be nearly room temperature, people should be snuggling next to a crackling fire (inside or outside!)
    Life is good!

  2. Jamie

    I’ll drink anything this time of year, but I’m really enjoying Snowday lately. And homemade kahlua is perfect in hot chocolate!

  3. Suz

    I’m gonna enter even if I’m not a couple. Build it and the rest will follow, or something like that, right?;) I drink red wine all winter, but I’ve had a hankering for rum and eggnog this season. That’s calorie-free, right?

  4. Ingrid B

    During this time of the year I love drinking rich and hearty Doppelbocks with dinner and creamy vanilla Porters with dessert.

  5. Dana Komorowski

    I am a huge fan of the hard ciders! My hubby loves the dark winter beers – Isolation Ale is his favorite. I also find myself consuming massive amounts of hot chocolate this time of year! Mmmmm….

  6. Dave Butler

    This should be a terrific party. Good beer, food and fun. Should be a packed house. This time of year I enjoy making special concoctions with imperial stouts including: Beer Floats and Beer Nog.

  7. Lauren

    I’ll drink anything, but bought a bunch of mulling spice from Old Town Spice Shop… We have been making lots of mulled wine….yum!

  8. Ruth

    OMG, this sounds like SO much fun! The hubs and I haven’t been out for NYE since …okay, never. Although I’m not a huge drinker, I’d have to say a nice glass of something red (Montepulciano, Shiraz, etc) by the fire is my fave.

  9. Natosha

    I love my egg nog & rum or replace my
    egg nog in my white russian. Only time of year your going to get Egg Nog take full advantage. But it also means your with family and friends so whatever there drinking I’ll join in the fun!

  10. Crystal

    Major Tom’s is always a staple but there’s nothing like a Chocolate Stout on a chilly winters day/night! When not drinking beer, red wine (Malbec & Syrah)!

  11. celeste

    I love hot chocolate with Kahlua and milk. Whipped cream topping with a candy cane to stir:)

  12. Shawn

    The Bootleggers Bash sounds like the perfect night! I like eggnog and FCB Chocolate Stout during the holidays. Not together…though I’ve never tried it.

  13. Shannon Hein

    I will start by saying I hate eggnog, so basically anything but that. I love wine and beer and margaritas and mimosas and bloody mary’s and basically all liquor. We try to sneak in a few of these beverages every week when our baby is sleeping!

  14. BradleyRoss

    A couple of options:

    -Bailey’s, or homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream.

    -Cranberry mojitos – which can be modified in a pinch to pomegranate mojitos.

  15. Vicki Conley

    “Personally, during this season I’ll drink whatever you hand me!”
    Great line Heidi… ditto for me! My fav for Christmas though is a nice rum spiked eggnog. I just picked up a fresh 1/2 gallon of eggnog at the Windsor Cozy Cow Dairy the other day so I am ready! I would love to win the tickets! Thanks, you have the best contests~

  16. Nicki Miller

    My drinks of choice right now are eggnog with a nice rum or a nice Bailey’s and coffee.

  17. Myles Bostwick

    I’m a beer man through and through. Christmas is the time of year to get some of the more interesting forays into non-traditional beer, those forays are what I like to drink.

  18. The Mayor

    Thank you to everyone who entered!!! This contest is now closed. The winner, chosen at random, was Chad and he has been contacted via email.

    Watch for another contest in January!!!

    You are all winners in my book and I’d love to have a beer, wine or cider or glass of water with any of you. 🙂

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