HeidiTown on KRFC 88.9 FM – St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Colorado

The following is the transcript from my weekly radio segment on KRFC 88.9 FM in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you’d like, listen to the AUDIO HERE.


Heidi & donkey
The Mayor of HeidiTown poses with Alma, an old lady donkey at Longhopes Donkey Shelter. Photo by Christine Forster, all rights reserved.

Hi, my name is Heidi and I’m the Mayor of HeidiTown.com, a blog about events, festivals and travel across Colorado.

Before I tell you what’s happening this weekend, I want to tell you about this month’s HeidiTown.com Gives Back recipient. Every month, I personally select a Colorado-based nonprofit organization to introduce to the community and be featured on the blog all month long.

In my work as a freelance writer in Colorado, I’ve had the opportunity to write about many wonderful organizations and realized HeidiTown was an additional platform where I can give them support.

Last month’s featured nonprofit was Freedom Service Dogs, an organization that trains shelter dogs to help military vets returning with physical disabilities or mental trauma.

This month’s featured organization is Longhopes Donkey Shelter located in Bennett, Colorado. They are one of only a handful of donkey rescues in the country. I’ve had the opportunity to visit the facility and meeting a donkey will smash all the stereotypes you once held about these animals. For more information about Longhopes go to my blog and click on the HeidiTown.com Gives Back Campaign on the right hand side of the page.

St. Patrick's Day FCAnd now, on to the weekend. It’s already mid-March and that means St. Patrick’s Day. I am more than a little excited that the holiday falls on a Saturday this year. Here in Fort Collins don’t miss the big parade downtown and after party in Old Town Square. The parade runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the party starts immediately after. Get all the details at DowntownFortCollins.com.

Speaking of things Irish, the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival, which started as the Fort Collins Irish Festival in 2008, will be returning to Fort Collins Civic Center Park this year. So mark September 28 through the 30th on your calendar and join me in a jig at this very fun event.

Fort Collins isn’t the only place to celebrate being green this weekend. Denver has a huge parade and throws a big party too, and other towns up all around Colorado will be partying, especially since it’s a Saturday – so it’s very likely there’s a St. Patrick’s Day event near you.

In Boulder you can even witness the World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Conor O’Neills, a great Irish pub on 13th Street. To keep up on all the stuff happening in Boulder, go to BoulderDowntown.com.

Celtic Tenors by Barry McCall
Celtic Tenors, photo by Barry McCall, all rights reserved.

If you’d like a classy St. Patrick’s Day event, check out the Celtic Tenors at Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley. This international sensation tours the world, and will bring you to tears with their amazing rendition of Irish Classics. Get more information about the Celtic Tenors at Celtic-Tenors.com, and find out more about their concert at greeleygov.com/UCCC.

While in Greeley, you should check out my favorite pub in all of Colorado, Patrick’s Irish Pub on 8th Avenue. My husband and I are fans of true pubs, and this place fits the bill. If you haven’t been to downtown Greeley lately, you’ve been missing out.

Here’s a nutty event happening at Powderhorn Mountain Resort in Mesa, Colorado. It’s the 3rd Annual Dummy Jump with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. I love these crazy mountain resort events, like the Cardboard Classic in Steamboat Springs. I participated in that one and will never forget sliding down the mountain in our cardboard shotski… that event coincides with the Steamboat Springalicious Festival in April. More at Steamboat.com.

But I digress, back to the event this weekend in Powderhorn. Teams build a dummy and then it is sent off a huge ski jump. The judging criteria for the dummy jump are the best! Your dummy jump is judged on amplitude, creativity, structure and destruction on impact. You gotta love that last one. To learn more go to Powderhorn.com.

That’s all the time I have this week. I invite you to join the town’s block party on Facebook at Facebook.com/HeidiTown.comonFB, or follow my shenanigans on Twitter @HeidiTown or join the town on Google Plus. Until next week, I will see you online!

Thanks for listening and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Hi Heidi!
    I wanted to talk with you a bit about my business Bolt Marketing. We can email back and fort if you like. My mission with Bolt Marketing is to bring awareness to Northern Colorado non-profits by providing them free advertising in my “Bolt Blasts”. These are door to door flyers in a hanging bag that also include locally owned businesses that help support the cause by advertising in the blast. I would love to talk with you further regarding my passion. Please feel free to email me and we can talk further. Thanks for all that you do for non profits and bringing attention to them!!


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