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Rocky Mountain Raptor Program LogoI’ve always been fascinated by raptors. I grew up in an area heavily populated with bald eagles, and despite seeing them hundreds of times over the years, my sense of awe never went away.

Currently, there’s a red-tail hawk that I see regularly out on my daily walks with the dog. He no longer flies away when we walk beneath his giant cottonwood, but rather watches us closely should we try anything tricky.

I was first introduced to the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program  more than a decade ago at the  Colorado  Renaissance  Festival in Larkspur. Since learning about them at the festival, I have visited the facility twice and have written several freelance articles about the program.

Golden Eagle FB
Click on this photo of a Golden Eagle to head over to the RMRP's Facebook page!

I’m happy to announce that the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program  (RMRP) is the April 2012 recipient of free ad space on HeidiTown through my Gives Back Campaign.

The RMRP is located in Fort Collins, but they service approximately 100,000 square miles, an area about the size of the state of Colorado. They take in raptors from north of Longmont, well into Wyoming and all along the northeastern plains.

RMRP averages about one admission and several injured raptor calls each day, and more than 70% of treatable raptors are released for A Second Chance At Freedom. Several days each week they provide education programs somewhere in the region.

The program started in 1979, as a student club rehabilitating injured raptors. It has grown to seven staff members and 200 volunteers who put in thousands of hours each year. On average they take in 275 birds every year, although some year the number is much, much higher.

I would encourage you to visit the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program online at www.RMRP.org and browse this comprehensive site. Learn about the educational programs they offer and when and where you can meet their birds. I believe in what they do at RMRP, and hope that you will check them out.


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