Colorado Brewers’ Festival, & other summer beer festivals in Colorado

Pint of Pateros Creek Beer
Pateros Creek Brewing Company. Click the photo to visit them on Facebook. Photo by H.M. Kerr-Schlaefer, all rights reserved.

A longtime friend and I have an ongoing debate about who lives in the better beer region. While she can boast that her city of Portland, Oregon has the most breweries per capita, I am convinced that Colorado has more beer festivals than anywhere else in the world. I could have an entire blog dedicated to Colorado beer festivals and I would never run out of material.

One of the state’s longest running beer festivals is this weekend in Fort Collins. Colorado Brewers’ Festival is in its 23rd year and this Saturday and Sunday festival goers can enjoy 70 different brews from more than 40 breweries.

There will also be 15 bands and food vendors. Brewers’ Fest takes place in Civic Center Park in historic downtown Fort Collins, and has a laid back vibe, similar to the city that hosts this annual event.

Colorado Brewers’ Festival runs Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24, 2012.  New this year, patrons can buy a full size beer during the event. There will also be free water stations, plus the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant will have a remote “Rio Patio” with their famous margs and salsa. Tickets are $20 when purchased online prior to the event. Get tickets here.

Beer festivals occur year round in Colorado, with the granddaddy of all happening in Denver on October 11-13, 2012. Get tickets to the Great American Beer Festival starting August 2, 2012. Go here to learn more.

The Summer Breckenridge Beer Festival is July 14, 2012. This event occurs in April and July, and brew masters come from around the country to show off their best beers at this event. Learn more here.

Summer Brew Fest in Denver at Mile High Station is Friday, July 27. Featuring 125 plus beers, this is definitely an event for the connoisseur.   Details at

There are lots more beer events this summer, and thankfully there is one Colorado blogger who keeps tabs on all of them. Go to Fermentedly Challenged for June fests, July fests, August fests and September fests.

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