HeidiTown on the Radio: Travel tips from my article in Independent Traveler

heidi in a red hat
My #1 tip and most simple is to always pack a hat. Here I am on a road trip to Manitou Springs, Colorado. (Photo by Ryan Schlaefer)

It’s time for another segment of HeidiTown on KRFC 88.9 FM. These shows air weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays.

This week I am sharing with you my “Five Travel Tips for Lazy People” from an article I wrote last summer for  IndependentTraveler.com, one of the world’s oldest travel websites.  It’s an interactive traveler’s exchange and comprehensive online travel guide for people who enjoy planning their own trips. They have lots of great travel insights and I encourage you to add them to your RSS feed and follow them on Facebook  and Twitter.

Without further ado, listen to this week’s segment HERE.

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