HeidiTown Gives Back: National Mill Dog Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue LogoIt is my great pleasure to introduce this month’s recipient of the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign. For those of you who may be new to this little town, each month I choose a Colorado nonprofit to receive a free ad space and blog post write up here on HeidiTown.com.

There are certain organizations with missions that truly touch my heart and National Mill Dog Rescue is one of those groups. I actually broke down and had a good, long cry while researching and writing this post.

NMDR is a Colorado Springs based nonprofit that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes retired commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills. Since 2007, this organization has saved 8000 dogs. This number is astounding, but their work is far, far from over. Puppy mills still operate all over the country and the dogs at these facilities live a life that will sadden and disgust most dog owners. No baths, no beds, no love.

Harley has become a spokesdog for NMDR. He spent the first 10 years of his life in a small, filthy cage at a puppy mill. Most dogs only last only 5-6 years in a mill, but Harley, a tough little Chihuahua made it much longer. His job was to produce cute little puppies to be sold at pet stores across the country.

Harley at the City Star Brewing
Harley hanging out at City Star Brewing in Berthoud, Colorado. This brewery is very involved in helping dog rescue charities around the state. Always nice to drink beer for a good cause!

During his 10 years as a mill dog, Harley received no medical care of any kind resulting in numerous maladies, including the loss of an eye. This eye injury is common in puppy mills as cages are often cleaned using a power washer WITHOUT removing the dogs.

Pint-sized Harley has become a big voice in the fight against puppy mills, and has helped raise more than $50,000 for NMDR. Every single penny has gone towards saving more mill dogs and their medical expenses. NMDR is a no-kill rescue, and dogs that come to them are given whatever medical care necessary.

NMDR dog photo
Used with permission from National Mill Dog Rescue.

As a lifelong dog-person it is beyond my ability to understand how anyone can treat animals the way they are treated at puppy mills. Many genuine dog lovers own puppy mill puppies, and that’s why it is so important to educate the public about these terrible mills.

I love that NMDR is making the world a little better for one dog at a time. I hope that you will take a moment and visit them online. I thank the NMDR for their work, and Harley sharing his story with the world.

Follow Harley’s adventures on his Facebook page here.

And PLEASE go an LIKE National Mill Dog Rescue on Facebook.

You can also make a donation TODAY at MillDogRescue.org.

NMDR rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes. As a German Shepherd owner my heart breaks that GSDs are used in puppy mills as well. This lovely girl’s name is Shiloh. She’s one of the lucky ones, but thousands more mill dogs aren’t so lucky.


  1. Heidi – This is just wonderful. If all of us did just a little bit or offered to assist in whatever ways we can (especially publicity) puppy mills would no longer exist!. You are a crusader! Good for you! !!!!!!


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Gail!

      I’m truly honored to be able to share this nonprofit’s work with my readers.


  2. Thank for you writing such a wonderful article about Harley and National Mill Dog Rescue. NMDR is such an incredible organization!


  3. Thank you for the article! Making this horrible puppy mill crisis known is admirable! It’s sad how many people don’t even know what a puppy mill is and the horrors that lie behind those prison walls/cages! Exposure, education and empathy are key! Again, thank you!


  4. Thank you for the wonderful article about National Mill Dog Rescue. They truly are an amazing organization!


  5. Harley and I have been “friends” on facebook for about a year and I sooo look forward to his posts. His Mom and Pop are amazing people. They will drive hundreds of miles to rescue puppy mill dogs. With Harley as a spokes dog their track record is amazing. Thinks for highlighting him and National Mill Dog Rescues.


  6. Thank you so much for recognizing Harley and this wonderful organization. They give everything they have to help these poor abused animals escape their prison and learn to experience life as a dog should. Kudos to Theresa Strader and all at NMDR for their selfless work!!!


  7. Thank you for choosing NMDR! They are a wonderful and worthwhile organization. I have 2 dogs rescued by them, and the transformation from scared little girls who have never touched grass or laid in a soft bed to the happy family members they are now is nothing short of astounding. Don’t support puppy mills! Adopt, don’t shop!


  8. Thank so much for your support of National Mill Dog Rescue! It’s people like you, Heidi, that help make a difference for the dogs.


  9. Thank you for choosing NMDR and becoming a spokesperson for this cause. I’ve been volunteering for this organization for over a year now, and it is truly one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life, that and experiencing the joys of discovering new life with my little NMDR rescue. Your article is great.


  10. Thank you for choosing NMDR.


  11. I’m friends with Harley, Teddy, Lil Olive, and lots of others on facebook, and have been so impressed with what National Dog Mill Rescue has done and continues to do. Thanks for the reminder. I just went to their site and contributed a small amount via PayPal. It took less than thirty seconds to do. I hope others will stop and do this, as well.


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