Saying goodbye to my Aunt Marla

white flowerLast week there were no new blog posts here – something that hasn’t happened for several years.  It probably seemed to some of you as though there had been a government shut down in HeidiTown. This was not the case. Sadly, the silence was due to a death in my extended family. My mother’s sister, my Aunt Marla, died suddenly at the age of 53. I flew out to the West Coast to be with my family.

My aunt’s death was unexpected and devastating to everyone who knew her. She was one of the most vivacious and funniest people I have ever known. When I was a little girl, I called her my “funny Aunt Mar.” She loved life and lived it with a sort of zest that was contagious.

I remember one incident, when I was just a kid and my aunt was in her twenties. After church, still wearing her nylons, but no shoes, she jumped on my grandparent’s pony in attempt to ride him bareback. The little Shetland promptly bucked her off, and she promptly got back on the pony and got bucked around all over the pasture. This is a little slice of childhood that I will never forget. We were all in hysterics, watching my aunt riding this pony in a dress and nylons.

This was my aunt in a nutshell. She loved to laugh and to make people laugh. There were a lot more smiles in this world because of my Aunt Marla. We should all aspire to be more like her, because the world could use more love, laughter and people who are willing to take crazy risks, like riding a pony in nylons.

We love you, Aunt Marla. You will be so very missed.

On Wednesday, blog posts will resume as normal.


  1. So sorry for your loss, Heidi. My thoughts are with you and your family. xo


  2. What a wonderful memory! It made me smile, and I didn’t even know her. Sending good thoughts your way.


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