November 2013

Colorful Colorado History Colorado museum mints.

I’ve always lived in the west with the exception of a short year spent in the Midwest during college. I love the west. I love our “can do” attitude and laid back manners, and I thought I knew a lot about this region of our country. I am well-versed in cowboy legends and Native American lore. Our mining history is something I’ve learned a lot about since moving to Colorado

and their off Race of the Santas in Breckenridge Colorado

CONTEST NOW CLOSED. Thank you.   As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Breckenridge. Having stayed there multiple times, I’m pretty familiar with the town and I love the chill atmosphere. It’s more than just a ski town. It’s a real, work-a-day town with a rich history and tons of festivals that happen year round. One of those events is happening on Saturday, December 7, 2013. It’s

Drinks at Peaks Lounge in Denver, Colorado.

Another birthday weekend has come and gone, and we did our best to put a dent in the Denver beer and spirit inventory. As I mentioned in my previous post, “A Colorado birthday weekend,” Ryan and I like to do it up for each other when it comes to birthday time, and our birthdays are just a month apart. Ryan always does an amazing job at putting together something grand

Downtown Denver reflecting the November Sunset.

First and foremost, thank you to all the veterans out there! This week’s HeidiTown show doesn’t discuss Veteran’s Day, because I did that during the first segment in November. Instead, in this week’s segment, which airs on Wednesday and Friday of this week, I talk birthdays, Christmas Markets, Race of the Santas and HeidiTown Gives Back. I took the gorgeous photo on the left this past weekend in downtown Denver

The Chart House in Genessee, Colorado.

My husband, Ryan, and I really whoop it up on our birthdays. Usually it involves a weekend away and lots of secrecy. In October, Ryan took me on a surprise birthday trip to Central City, but first we had dinner at the Chart House in Genesee. This is where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner over 11 years ago, but we’d never been back, so it was an extra special

HeidiTown Gives Back: PetAid Colorado

I learned about PetAid Colorado through my People With Compassion for Pets Giving Circle, and after checking the organization out, I decided to pick them as the recipient of my November HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign. If you are new to HeidiTown, each month, a Colorado nonprofit of my choosing receives free ad space on HeidiTown, plus a write-up about the organization which is posted on the first Monday of the

Heidi & Ryan at Passport to Paris at the Denver Art Museum.

Painting is not at all an abstract conception, elevated above history . . .it is part of the social consciousness, a fragment of the mirror in which the generations each look at themselves in turn, and as such it must follow society step by step. –Jules-Antoine Castagnary, art critic, 1863 Earlier this week we spent a night in Paris. Well, not exactly in Paris proper, but at the Denver Art