Win a weekend escape to Breckenridge, CO for Race of the Santas


As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Breckenridge. Having stayed there multiple times, I’m pretty familiar with the town and I love the chill atmosphere. It’s more than just a ski town. It’s a real, work-a-day town with a rich history and tons of festivals that happen year round.

One of those events is happening on Saturday, December 7, 2013.

and their off Race of the Santas in Breckenridge Colorado

It’s the Lighting of Breckenridge & the Race of the Santas, a benefit for Adopt an Angel. Participants in this wacky holiday race will run, jog or skip through a six-block course in downtown Breckenridge. Kids can join the fun in the Race of the Reindeer (antlers provided). The top finishers will be awarded Ullr helmets (yay!) and prize packages.

All sorts of activities are schedule for the Lighting of Breckenridge including carolers, holiday dancers, arts and crafts, and of course, the real Santa shows up after the race at 5 O’clock. You can see the entire schedule here.

And now for the really, really good news”¦ you have a chance to win a weekend stay in Breckenridge for this festive holiday event.

Here’s what one lucky winner will win:

1. Entry to Race of the Santas

2. Two Santa Suits – yours to keep!

3. A two-night stay with Beaver Run Resort  (arrive December 6, Depart December 8, 2013)

4. A $50 Gift Certificate to Motherloaded Tavern

With a two-night stay you’ll be able to treat yourself to some awesome early season skiing at Breckenridge Resort.

To enter the contest you must leave a comment below telling me why you should win a weekend in Breckenridge OR telling me your Race of the Santas strategy. Only one entry per person, please (my contest plugin will disqualify those who enter twice). The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, November 29 at 3 p.m. MST.

Beaver Run Resort

Beaver Run Resort

Be sure to leave me an email address that you check on a regular basis, The winner will have 48 hours to respond. In the past I’ve had trouble connecting with winners, so this is a new rule here in HeidiTown.

More good news!

For those of you who don’t win the Big Prize you can still attend this awesome event and receive 20% off of your December 6-8, 2013 stay with Beaver Run Resorts by mention HEIDITOWN when you make your reservation by phone. Call 1(800) 525-2253 to book your stay.

How cool is that?

A huge thank you to GoBreck, Beaver Run Resort and  Motherloaded Tavern for providing the swag for this giveaway!

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  1. Steve

    Ho ho ho! I will win by simply telling my reindeer to run faster, and threatening to give them coal should we not win!

  2. Darlene

    We live in Loveland, our 42nd wedding anniversary is the 27th, the day before Thanksgiving next week. Could you suggest any day trip ideas for us? We are new to CO ( 1 1/2 years) so alot is new to us. I thought Estes Park would be good since route 34 is open now.

    • The Mayor

      A few of my favorite day trips from Loveland: Georgetown – just 45 minutes west of Denver and right off I70. Cute little town. Lots of charm. Don’t miss the the Hotel de Paris. One of the best museums anywhere. Especially fun if you enjoy house museums. Very authentic.

      Another, sometimes overlooked place is Greeley. If you haven’t been to downtown Greeley in awhile, it’s time to go. They have one of the top train museums in the WORLD there. Plus, the Kress Cinema & Lounge (art movie house), which is a fun place to watch a film (and you can have a cocktail with your film!). I really like downtown Greeley.

      Golden is also a wonderful day trip town. I’ve written about most of these places. My most recent trip to Golden is here:

      Of course, Estes is always a great little day getaway and they sure could use the business!!! Do not miss their Winter Festival this January. Here’s what I’ve written about Estes:

      Hope all of this helps!!!

    • Polly Reich

      Hi!! I was diagnosed with parkinsons and as of right now cannot work…so I’m bored and broke!!! I need a break with laughs!! I also lost all my bleongings in the flood, the pod I was storing my entire life in went down the Big Thompson. Pick me!!!

  3. frances Soltis

    Would love to spend a weekend in Breck, havent been there since my kids were little and now that they are gone, we have plenty of time to go for a weekend up there. Please pick me

  4. Amber

    We would love to win the trip and to distract the other Santas in the race, I will have my ~~kiddos~~ elves leave stations of cookies and warm milk to slow them down! We will be sure to pass them up and win:).

  5. Pennie

    I should win a weekend in Breckenridge so my husband and I can go snowmobiling (our newly-discovered favorite winter sport)! Oh yeah…and also so we can hang out at Motherloaded!

  6. Censie

    I would love to win a weekend getaway for me and my hubby. He is having surgery on the 12th and this would be a great escape for us!

  7. Kathleen

    Our strategy: perhaps we could “Adopt an Angel” and he or she could give us an extra boost to the finish line 😉 Frankly it would be an honor to be there to support Adopt an Angel!

  8. Sven Offerson

    I would love to win because my wife and I just found out we are pregnant, and we would love to have a nice little getaway before getting away becomes difficult. Not to mention I already have Santa’s body, just not the suit, so I need to run a little weight off! 🙂

  9. EllenEllen

    Awesome! A sweet mini-vacation to the beautiful mountains of Breckenridge would improve my attitude toward winter….and I’m pretty sure the Santa run would be completely hilarious.

  10. Robin Riley

    It’s been a rough year in our household so this would be an amazing way to turn it around!

  11. richard padilla

    i have a 4 year old who go bananas to see a 100 santas ddashing down the street. my pregnant wife can relax out of town and i could be the man who made it happen. also, I am a christmas baby. 12/25/79. Thhis would be a year to remember.

  12. Mark Bodmer

    I need to win, because if I don’t see 250 Santas before 12/25 – I will no longer be able to hear my Santa bell and I’ll turn into an adult! This would really raise my total quickly.

  13. Karen

    I should win this for two reasons. 1: The winner is chosen ON MY BIRTHDAY. 2: Steve and I need to battle each other for title of sexiest santa. Winner will go on stage for Last Men on Earth’s Holiday Extravaganza at Dicken’s Opera House on December 20th. If the battle ends in a draw, Heidi dons the costume and gets dragged on stage instead.

  14. Andy

    I think I’d making a rockin’ santa racer. Of course I’d have to swing my bag of goodies and pull the other santas beards to win but I’m up for the challenge.

  15. Amy Green

    My race of the Santas strategy is to let my pregnant belly fill out a santa suit better than any silly padding could do! This sounds like a blast!, hope I win!

  16. Sean McCarthy

    I think the McCarthy’s need to win this because we would not only have fun racing as Santas, but we would have an entry in the Reindeer race as well.

    My Race Strategy: Load up on some Breckinridge Brewery Beer (NVP preferred) the night before, wear my Heiditown T-shirt under my Santa Suit (for the warm feeling of support), and yell “cookies” while pointing some direction away from the finish line (to confuse and throw off the other santas). Then when I win, I will strip off my santa suit to show off my vintage Heiditown Tee.

  17. Debbie Solko

    After hard work and years of school my daughter graduates college on this day!! She has earned a weekend getaway that I will happily give her if I win 😉

  18. Eric Weedin

    My strategy is simple. Engage a team of elves and reindeer to distract the other Santas with a special holiday egg nog spiked with some Dancing Pines Spiced Rum.

  19. Debbie Simonton

    I would love to win this because I think it would be the perfect early birthday trip for my husband who is turning 40 on December 23rd. Since he was born so close to Christmas, and we have three kids, we can never really afford anything special for him and I think this would be the perfect way to get away and have some fun together!!! We would both have a great time in the race and my strategy to win would be to run ahead of him holding mistletoe over my head!!! Catch me if you can!!!

  20. Stacy Kirby

    I work for the Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and…..really really need to get away 😉 Where else in Colorado besides my beautiful Pagosa would I like to see. Breckenridge!

  21. Chase Squires

    My race strategy is to keep repeating the infamous line from the horror classic “Silent Night, Deadly Night” …. “You see Santa Claus tonight, you better run, boy! You better run for your life!” … that should inspire not only me, but everyone in front of me!

  22. harrisgray

    Heidi, my wife and I have been dreaming of a return to Breckenridge ever since we spent a long fall weekend there three years ago. That’s where I fell in love with IPAs, Breckenridge Brewery’s Small Batch 471 to be exact. And the crepes from that sweet little railcar creperie on the main drag – my wife is gluten free, but not when we’re in Breck.

    Unfortunately I’ll probably have to take my writing partner instead of my wife, since I’m entering this under our Harris Gray address. The good news is, Jason won’t wake up with a bellyache after a night of gluten binging. The bad news is waking up next to Jason, instead of my wife.

  23. Rachel

    My husband and I love Breckinridge and could use a snow bunny break right about now! Thanks for running a fun contest.

  24. Dave Fluegge

    I win Santa races by distracting them with the twinkle in my eye. I ran the Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K last year in a Santa suit and had a girl scream and run after me from a block away yelling “Come back Santa!”

  25. Sarah

    My husband and I need a romantic, adventurous getaway full of holiday cheer! Hope we win not only the getaway but the race too!

  26. John

    Winning this trip would be a Christmas memory we would never forget! Best first Christmas for our newly wed family!

  27. shannon lawrence

    Well, I don’t have a witty reply like everyone else. I hope to win because my poor overworked husband deserves a few days away and it wouldn’t likely happen otherwise. Breck was my first introduction to Colorado nearly two decades ago and I would love to return and show my husband all of the beauty there. We’ve been through some pretty big family challenges these past several months and the Race of the Santas would be fitting and fun respite.

  28. matthew werther

    I am a retired military vet working 70-100hrs a week just to try and make close to my military pay and i havent had a vacation in 2 years I would love a nice getaway

  29. Jenifer Doane

    Karl and I would make you proud with our holiday spirit and desire to win the race in honor of HeidiTown! Go Santa!

  30. Zea Flores

    I should win this weekend getaway to energize me to play Santa in a few weeks; which the suits will definitely help 😉 It’s a tough job getting the presents, assembling the presents, wrapping the presents geez… and then he gets all the credit. I wanna know where’s my elves!

  31. Anne Snider

    I should win because I have never visited Breckinridge before and would Love too. Plus I am constantly telling people about Colorado, sharing things about Colorado, and trying to get family and friends to visit. 🙂

  32. Emily J

    I should win because my husband and I haven’t had a vacay in I don’t know how long, and two nights away sounds like pure BLISS!!! And seeing hubs run in a Santa suit would be the icing on the cake.

  33. Heidi Brandariz

    I need weekend away after a year on a quest to hike 365 miles… sprained ankle twice, chased by cattle, tore toenail off, skinned many parts, sunburnt, windburnt, chased by Mtn Sheep, fell thru an icy creek, loved it all but need a break!

  34. Emily

    I’m going to win race of the Santas by feeding my reindeer some delicious (and strong!) eggnog 😉

  35. Lisa Bunker

    I just finished open enrollment season at work and am in need of a holiday getaway with my fiance, we have both been working ourselves to the bone. The mountain air and snow would be the perfect pick-me-up!

  36. Kimberly Petercuskie

    I’m new to the Colorado ski scene and this sounds like the BEST way to begin the season!!

  37. Evita Damayanti Paul

    I should win because I live with Santa. My husband a.k.a Santa always think about others first. I would love to give back for him for once. I had a miscarriage and we lost our son last September then found out I have dysfunctional liver, blood disease abnormality and several tumors in my uterus. My loving husband has been taking care of me and my 6 yo daughter and our house day and night WITHOUT complains. Besides that he works full time and do a lot of his time volunteering for the community. On his spare time, he and his nerds team across the country have been volunteering their time and energy designing and building a system which check for The US’s nuclear radiation levels and he is also working together with other professors and engineers in our area to build a system which help the police officers and others to better secure our communities. If I win this game, it would be for my Santa because he (Santa/my husband) loves travelling, history and culture and we just recently moved to this wonderful state but haven’t had a chance to go out yet. Santa sure needs a break sometimes.
    Thank You Mayor for doing this! I am one of your biggest fans ever!

  38. Travis

    Well, I would win the race by staging my flying reindeer on top of a nearby roof. When the race starts, Rudolph and the crew would swing down and pick me up, whisking me to the finish line miles ahead of the second place “Santa.” If that is considered cheating (Santa never cheats) then I would win by my pure physical prowess. Little known fact: Santa has been eating Cliff Bars instead of cookies and replaced eggnog with Gatorade.

  39. Brenda Weston

    I should win because I moved to Denver about 1 1/2 years ago and have been day dreaming about going to Breakenridge but many circumstances have kept me from going. I need to discover my new area in Colorado.

  40. Alicia

    This holiday season, we’re doing things a bit differently in my household. I decided that this year, and forever going forward, that we will no longer do big gifts for Christmas, but instead plan epic adventures for my almost 4 year old son and myself. Try to focus on happy family memories rather than accumulating more crap. This trip would be the perfect start to a memorable first go at this!

  41. gail deVore

    We are planning our wedding in early January. We desperately need a vacation before our big day and what better place than Breckenridge?! We love everything about Breck – from Motherloaded to Beaver Run to the Joy of Sox to Mary’s Mountain Cookies to Modis and everything in between! We also LOVE Heiditown and your incredible Mayor. Can you imagine anything better than meeting your Mayor in Breckenridge during the Santa Run???

    Pick us, please!

  42. Matthew P Ronne

    I should win this because a couple nights in mountains in December sounds like a lovely time for my wife and I.

  43. Cynthia

    I think I am the perfect candidate for the win. I have 3 kids which I raise on my own. I rarely get a night out much less a weekend. I have been in school since 2007 splitting time between kids, school and work has been an art of mastery. I will finally graduate this year in Dec. what a nice treat to win a trip to celebrate myself and my hard work.

  44. Kim Parker

    I have lived in Colorado for 17 years and have never been to Breckenridge! I’m not a skier so I just never went. I would love to be there for this. Please pick me 🙂

  45. Aimee

    I would love to win this for my husband and myself. We are both teachers who give much of our time and love to our school and our students, but yet don’t make much money in return. I finished my masters last year, and he is getting ready to finish his. Getting our masters is costing us a lot of money, but it is necessary for us to excel in our occupation. It would be awesome to have a little getaway, to have a chance to relax and also celebrate both of our graduations from graduate school.

  46. Alissa Krause

    We love Breck!! 2 years ago in December we go engaged there and have been there every Season since! The Santa Run would be very festive and fun!!;)

  47. Sharon Sikorski

    I moved to Denver 2 years ago, met my boyfriend, relocated to FL with him so he could go to golf school, got laid off while we were down there, and almost simultaneously, his parents sold the family house in Breck, where we expected to live upon returning to CO. We would love nothing more than to enjoy Breck without the worry about the expenses.

  48. Karol

    I would LOVE to use this trip as a getaway with my husband. I will beat everyone with kindess 😉

  49. Jaime Levi

    I think my friend, Molly, who lives in Denver needs a weekend away. She is a single mama who is also an oncology nurse at Children’s Hospital. She is an angel and deserves a weekend of joy!

  50. Kiki Soule

    First, thank you for this amazing chance to possibly immerse my children in this incredible charitable holiday race. I vow to push my two impressionable young kids during the Santa race, to teach others about Adopt an Angel, to take part in all the activities with the utmost of holiday cheer, to wear my Heiditown t-shirt with pride the entire weekend and invite you and your husband to stay with us!

  51. Shannon Hein

    Winning a Santa Suit would be the highlight of every holiday. I would make him wear that damn thing every year 🙂

  52. Pamela la la la la

    Growing up in Michigan, Breckenridge was a mythical ski town where cool people went. Since we moved here to NoCo in April, we had a chance to visit for the afternoon the weekend before Oktoberfest and see it was a real (cool!) place! The downtown is adorable and there are so many shops and restaurants to explore. My crazy work travel schedule has prevented me from really enjoying Colorado and cool places like Breckenridge, but I happen to be completely free that weekend which is a miracle. And did I mention it’s my birthday this week (Turkey Baby) and I am having a total empty nest blues breakdown this week with the boys not coming home for the first time. Sigh 🙂

  53. CL

    My race strategy is to bring a bottle of beer instead of water… everybody needs adequate sustenance right?!

  54. Crystal Henderson

    I need to win a weekend in brekenridge because I have never taken a vacation this time of year because I am a small business owner and I am a hairstylist so this is my busiest time of the year and would never have a good enough reason to take a few days off but winning a trip would do it and oh how nice that would be and who knows maybe I wouldn’t even be burned out by the end of December 🙂 and I really need to see my husband in a Santa suit lol

  55. Michelle Milligan

    I would love to win this and take my kids! I’m a single mom and a trip around Christmas time would be impossible…..unless it was FREE!

  56. Jennifer Hensley

    I totally should win because A.) my red-bearded man will run with me and EVERYONE needs to see a red beard santa and B.) we’ll skip-walk the whole course… because what else would Redbeard Santa do? #WWRBSD

  57. Marie Carabetta

    I bet I would win if I rode in my “sleigh.” It is also known. As an Xterra but since I call it dasher I think it qualifies. After a hard semester working and going to school, I would sure enjoy beautiful Breckinridge!! I would be a jolly racer.

  58. Melody Sian

    I would love to win the opportunity to run with the Santa’s! I have lived in Colorado for five years and will soon be moving to Florida. (Actually, my husband has already relocated for his job.) My birthday was Sunday, November 24, and I am now 44 years old. I think I am 24, but my body is more like 64. I want to run with the Santa’s in Breckenridge to celebrate the holidays, celebrate my birthday, and work on getting back into shape!

  59. Jen

    I would love to win because I need a break from work and what better way to take a break than to get some much needed mountain therapy!

  60. Jenna Alexander

    I would love to win this. My family is on a tight budget this year since I going to school to finish my degree. This would be the perfect way for us to have a fun family trip and not break our budget. I would win the Santa race because I am fast and love to run, especially for a good cause like the Adopt an Angel charity.

  61. Bill

    My strategy? I’m going to cheat, of course. I can’t tell you how because then I’ll get caught. But I will tell you that it involves cloning, duct tape, and a bottle of cheap wine.

  62. AJ Steen

    I should win because I’ve been training all year for a six block race and will bring home the gold!

  63. Lori van de Sandt

    wow… Heidi… this page is awesome… I didnt know you did this…its really cool… I have never been to Breckenridge and would love to be part of what seems like a really cool run! Totally checking this page out more for things to do in CO! Thanks for doing this!

  64. Angela Finnegan

    I have 2 kids & a husband that recently had shoulder surgery. I REALLY need to get out of town.

  65. Kathy Chapple

    Breck is one of our favorite places and running in town in a santa suit couldn’t be a better way to welcome in the Christmas season. The suits sure would come in handy later in the month as we plan on a smaller Christmas this year and they will help to keep Santa alive for our children! We’d LOVE a weekend in the mountains!

  66. Christopher Mings


    It would be great to celebrate my birthday there Dec,4th….see the town for my first time..and surprise my sister who lives there..and my beautiful wife could be Mrs.Santa

  67. Shellie Vaughn

    With a couple glasses of vino I would make the best running Santa Breck has ever seen! Then I would spend the next day on the slopes of course…The best part would be showing up at my sons front door in Denver in a Santa suit with his Christmas gifts!!! Would love to see that beautiful smile of his…..
    Thats all I need for Christmas…

  68. Jenifer Reed

    I’ve never tried anything like this before, and it looks and sounds soooooooo fun! I’m a teacher and am NOT AFRAID of making a complete arse of myself!

    I’ve been for Ullr Fest and the Snow Sculpting, so why not this

    I LOVE me some Breck from the eateries (Eric’s, Briar Rose, MiCasa’s skinnyrita), shopping (Beehive, Marigolds, Ready/Paint/Fire), but especially the people and the laid back attitude and hospitality I’m greeted with when I DO get to visit Breck. (Unfortunately, it’s not frequent enough!)

  69. Valerie

    Give my husband a white beard and he would make the perfect Santa. We would love a kid free get away to enjoy the snow and Christnas season.

  70. mychillthoughts

    I NEED a break and Breckenridge would be a great place to take it! My strategy for winning the Santa dash is to lull everyone into a false sense of security because I’m a chubby girl and then plow anyone in my way over with my jogging stroller!!

    If I win, I’ll video it for you!

  71. Kate Franklin

    I met the ever so fabulous Heiditown last year in Breck at Ullr fest! We were a team of 4 ladies from New Engand in full out pink costumes geared up for our first winter games! We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! Heidi you interviewed our team afterwards and made us feel like Breck could be home for us. The Ullr God was awesome and we ended up having the best week of our lives in Breck! We rode floats in the parade and made new friends everywhere we went. I would love to win this weekend away, show off my fancy “parade running skills” and meet some great new friends along the way! #gobreck #hohoho #pickmeplease! #heiditownrules

  72. Amanda

    I need some time with my husband!!!! IT would be a wonderful trip to enjoy time together in Breckenridge. Also, I would fire the elves and bring in the gnomes. They are so much more practical. Who cares if elves make toys, Gnomes control the natural world and would help me plan my path to victory, along with the reindeer, which gnomes also have a better relationship with than elves.

  73. Jeannine Crooks

    I will be able to race past all the other Santas by way of my two beautiful, very fast Siberian huskies pulling me. Even if they get distracted, they will be a huge hit because they are so beautiful and friendly. They love Breckenridge as much as my husband and I do!

  74. Barrett Young

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer, but was saved by strapping young man in a red and white suit. Let me be that dashing man a santa suit running for the Angels….running for Grandma! My friends and I bring lights, fun, and festivities of great galore! And would make this years Running of the Santas and the Lighting of Breckenridge the best year yet!!! It was Grandma’s dying wish. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!

  75. Jennifer Nuss

    My family and I used to go to Breckenridge every summer when I was a kid. Them I learned how to ski at Breckenridge and fell in love with it. I became engaged and would love to share Breckenridge with my fiancé I am a teacher and he is a fireman so we jus don’t have extra money for vacations. We are paying for our own wedding as he doesn’t have parents and mine can’t do it alone. I would love to treat my man to a weekend in one of my favorite places I was introduced to

  76. Misty

    I have not been to Breckenridge yet, it would be fun to go. Thank you for putting together such a fantastic and completely fun prize. Good Luck to everybody!

  77. Ernie Anderson

    I should win because my wife and I just moved to Colorado this year and we need to explore the beautiful mountain areas like Breckenridge!

  78. Kelly Keith

    My strategy for the Santa race is to cheer and be jolly since Adopt an Angel is a great cause that I have volunteered for in the past.

  79. Mandi

    I would love to win this for my family so we can have a little babymoon before our second child is born. My husband loves the mountains and this would be an awesome surprise for him!

  80. CW Alexander

    Well I think I should win the trip because I was pretty much worthless these last 9 months as my wife suffered with pregnancy. I kinda talked her into it in the first place by telling her about the magic of child birth. How was I to know she’d have such a difficult time? So I REALLY owe her for going through all that to bring our precious little girl Madeline into the world given all the complications and ER visits and the 22 hours of hard labor.

  81. The Mayor

    Thank you to everyone who entered this awesome giveaway. The winner was Angeline C., picked randomly by the plugin “Pick Giveaway Winner.”

    PLEASE NOTE: The rest of you can get 20% off at Beaver Run by mentioning HEIDITOWN when you make your reservation for this weekend (this weekend only). The early season skiing is already amazing and all the festivities surrounding the Lighting of Breckenridge should make this an ideal weekend to spend in town.

    Be sure to like these following Facebook pages in order to stay on top of what’s happening in Breckenridge, Colorado:

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