Steamboat Springs, when you’re not skiing – Part One

Hanging out with friends at Bear River Bar & Grill at Steamboat Resort.
Hanging out with friends at Bear River Bar & Grill at Steamboat Resort.

Everyone knows Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a great place to ski, in fact, it is world class. I’ve gotten to know Steamboat fairly well over the years, as we have good friends who live in town. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at many of the Boat’s restaurants, soaking in the hot springs and attending an assortment of festivals.

Here is my two-part guide to some of my favorite things to do when not skiing in Steamboat Springs.

Grab a drink in Steamboat

There are quite a few options available when it comes to eating and drinking in Steamboat Springs. I wrote all about my dining experiences during All Arts Fest earlier this year in a post entitled, “A Culinary Adventure in Steamboat Springs.”

drinking a beer at Sunpies in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Having a beer at Sunpies one very snowy winter in Steamboat Springs.

My favorite place to grab a drink slopeside is Bear River Bar & Grill. I’ve kicked back here a number of times; after the Cardboard Classic and when bands are playing the Steamboat Stage at the base of the resort.

Whenever we’re in town, whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, we never miss having a beer at Sunpies Bistro  in downtown Steamboat Springs. During the summer you can sit in the “backyard” watching all sorts of floating contraptions go by on the Yampa River carrying people of all ages. In the winter, you can belly up to the bar and share a drink with the locals. The bartenders here are friendly, the atmosphere is chill and the food is pretty good too.

Top Shelf Entertainment in Steamboat

If you are looking for a little cultural inspiration during your Steamboat Springs trip, consider taking in a show at the 550 seat Strings Music Pavilion. I was literally blown away by the talent that performs at this outstanding venue.

Stings in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo used with permission by Strings.Music Festival.

This summer, I attended the Emerald City Opera’s last concert of the season. I wasn’t much of an opera fan prior to this event. However, after this experience I am an admirer, and I believe the Emerald City Opera is a good way to wade into this genre of music. I was truly moved by their performance.

Also at Strings, on the same weekend, I saw “Love Letters” performed by Wilford Brimley and Katharine Ross. This two-person show was top-notch and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these two Hollywood stars perform together on stage.

These are the types of experiences you can have at Strings in Steamboat Springs. In addition they have holiday shows and a brilliant musical lineup year round. The venue is located close to Steamboat Resort and just a short drive from downtown. Go to for more information.

Part Two of this post will go live this Friday, December 20, 2013.

To read Part Two click here.

Some experiences in this post were sponsored by Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association including my tickets to the events at the Strings Musical Pavilion.

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