HeidiTown Gives Back: Wild Wings Environmental Education

Wild Wings flew across my radar when I asked for a bird identification on Twitter. I’d been out birding at Fossil Creek Reservoir in Northern Colorado where approximately 18 bald eagles were roosting, but they were so far away I didn’t get any good shots. I did spot this bird, and had no idea what type of raptor it was:

rough legged hawk at Fossil Creek Reservoir Colorado HeidiTown.com
A rough-legged hawk that Deanna Curtis, founder of Wild Wings, helped me identify.

A friend tweeted one of her Twitter friends who happens to be a volunteer for Wild Wings Environmental Education, and voila, the organization was on my radar and is now this month’s recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back. Isn’t social media grand?   I certainly think so.

Cache the American kestrel at Wild Wings Environmental Education HeidiTown.com
Cache the American kestrel at Wild Wings Environmental Education.

Wild Wings Environmental Education  is located in Littleton, Colorado and has been operating for seven years. It’s a small organization, run 100% by volunteers. Deanna Curtis, founder of Wild Wings, has a passion for Colorado’s native bird population.

“My goal is to get people, kids especially, to fall in love with nature,” says Curtis.

The organization is based out of Curtis’ home, although they plan to expand in the future. They are not a rehabilitation facility, but are home to nine birds that cannot be released back into the wild for various reasons, and these birds are now ambassadors for their species.

Eros the Barn Owl at Wild Wings Environmental Education HeidiTown.com
Eros the Barn Owl at Wild Wings Environmental Education.

“My goal is to have a destination place in Colorado where people can come to see raptors,” says Curtis. “We’ve got rehab places, but I envision a place where we can have programs outdoors, flight demonstrations and all that really cool stuff.”

Today, Wild Wings provides educational programs in schools, senior centers and other places around the area. The programs focus on raptors, and that is the majority of the birds at the center, but eventually Curtis would like to add programs about Colorado’s many songbirds and other bird species.

As a nonprofit, Wild Wings is always in need of donations. They raise some funds through programs and by having booths at various events around Colorado, but donations are vital.

Karma a redtailed hawk at Wild Wings Environmental Education HeidiTown.com
Karma a red-tailed hawk at Wild Wings Environmental Education.

Spreading the word is also important. They are pushing to expand their social media presence by having an active Facebook page and Twitter account.

I share Curtis’ passion for Colorado’s native birds. Nearly every day I see a red tail hawk sitting on a telephone pole near my neighborhood, and seeing these majestic birds makes my heart happy. We are so lucky, as Coloradans, to have a large array of native birds, and I’d like to keep these birds singing and flying, and this only happens through education.

Please support Wild Wings Environmental Education today.

Follow Wild Wings on Twitter: @WildWingsEE

Join them on Facebook: Click here

Visit their website and donated or adopt-a-bird today:  WildWingsEducation.org

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